Team Group Announces T-Force Premium DDR4 Memory Series

The global gaming market is booting up dramatically, which will also widely increase the demand of high performance computer peripherals. Team Group has been continuously dedicated to satisfy the needs of our consumers in every aspect, and now it will integrate its gaming memory modules into T-Force product line which is specifically designed for people who pursuit extreme high speed and excellent performance. It is also the best and only choice for professional gamers as well as overclockers.

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T-FORCE series line up with XTREEM, DARK, VULCAN, and NIGHT HAWK with breathing lights (LED) as sharp as hawk eyes, and the industry’s first patented gaming combo package with T-FORCE DARK PRO and DARK 2.5″ SSD inside. Leading the trend of high speed gaming, T-FORCE brings you the latest and top notch high speed experience. Whether it’s the memory with ultimate performance or the LED memory with a cool look, they are definitely the best choices for gamers and modders.

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T-FORCE sets a new standard for branding and perfectly shows the spirit and strength of our enterprise
T-FORCE is Team Group’s great force to shake the world of gaming, and is definitely the only choice for professional gamers and overclockers. The red “T” on the logo of “TF” represents Team Group’s passion for the storage products. The black and solid “F” represents Team Group’s over 18 years of promotion of storage products. The visual design of the perfect combination elegantly symbolizes a pair of flying wings. They represent that the high quality and extreme performance gaming products from Team Group are capable of allowing all gamers to break the speed limit and enjoy the ever changing world of gaming.

Industry’s first T-FORCE patented high performance gaming combo package from Team Group. Satisfy your need for high speed performance and installation with only single purchase
Most gaming packages on the market contain keyboard and gaming mouse. Team Group is the first to combine patented overclocking memory module and solid state drive into a high performance gaming combo package, so users can have both high frequency memory and large capacity solid state drive at the same time. With only single purchase, users can satisfy all their requirements. After bench mark, the combination of a computer with T-FORCE patented high performance gaming combo package is able to improve computer performance by up to 125%. Users can improve the smoothness of the game without having to worry about computer compatibility issues and also able to meet the requirements for high speed transfer rate and multimedia storage reading and writing.

Features low power consumption, silent operation, shockproof and low heat. It is both energy saving and environmentally friendly. T-FORCE patented gaming combo package includes the all new evolutionary DDR4 DARK PRO, the exterior design is completely different from the concept of previous professional style heat spreader. To present the high specification gaming style combo product, it is successfully transformed into gaming mainstream colors of black and red in contrast. The high speed spirit of the T-FORCE series is interpreted perfectly. It is designed for gamers who pursuit extreme high speed and excellent performance.

Team Group LED memory is advanced once more. NIGHT HAWK will spread its wings to conquer the realm of gaming with the fastest speed
NIGHT HAWK is the LED luminous memory with an all new design concept from Team Group. It allows gamers to feel the steady pulse of LED lights, and get into the perfect game winning rhyme even at an intense gaming competition. Inheriting from T-FORCE’s black and red gaming style, NIGHT HAWK is using top notch extrusion process and high precision CNC computer machining to finely create the hawk wings symmetric type heat spreader with the unique hawk eyes design on the LED light guide panel.

After it is installed on the motherboard, the red light beam glitter sharply and the nighthawk is ready to spread its wings to fly into the night of racing sensation. NIGHT HAWK is using ten layers of circuit board, which is 25% more than normal memory layers on the market. Since the power layer and the signal layer has a farther distance between each other, there will be no interference and also provides a better efficiency and performance. It is an overclocking memory module that offers easy overclocking and high stability. The killer hawk eyes stands out of numerous luminous memories on the market, and it is proudly the best of them all.

This year, NIGHT HAWK also has won the most prestige design award in the Chinese speaking market – The Golden Pin Design Award. All 3005 applications were carefully and intensively reviewed by Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei, and it stands out of 457 applications from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, etc. In addition, being the only awarded memory module once again proves Team Group’s solid and industry leading R&D strength.

The all new designed eye-catching heat spreaders are with new packaging for 2016
The 2016 Team Group memory series is with all new packaging. The heat spreader design of DARK and VULCAN are different than the last generation’s DDR3. The Team Group team is building heat spreaders with all new exterior design concepts. The heat spreader area of T-FORCE’s XTREEM, DARK and VULCAN are extended to the top and the both sides to provide memory a complete coverage of protection and improve the radiating performance by at least 2%, so the system is able to maintain a long time stable operation.

The XTREEM overclocking memory module with highest specification is built by Team Group design team using top notch aluminum extrusion process and CNC machining. The unique trench design with minimalist style high quality brushed finish can increase the radiating area to improve radiating efficiency. Team Group insists on using high quality Samsung IC chips and passed through various rigorous internal tests. Its high reliability makes players feel at ease. The clean, sleek lines are able to magnify XTREEM overclocking memory module’s top of the line specification.

DARK is also the first and only four pieces heat spreader in the market. In addition to advancing from previous two-piece heat spreader, it also added a combination of two more arched fins to increase radiating area and provide a better cooling performance of up to 8%. It allows the heat dispenses out through natural air flow, which is easier for active air flow (fan). It is both unique and eye catching with its amazing look of a dark knight’s armor. The all new VULCAN is using multi punch pressed and elegant dual colors design to create a diagonal symmetric heat spreader made out of one piece. Not only the dual colors design is eye catching, yet the asymmetric cutting also displays its unique style. Consumers can freely choose from the contrasting colors of black and red, or the calming colors of black and gray.

All T-FORCE memory series support Intel XMP 2.0. It is only one step away for gamers to experience the high speed smart sensation of overclocking. All memory modules have completed multiple compatibility verifications with mainstream DDR4 motherboards, and also went through every major motherboard brand’s QVL (Qualified Vendor List) to make sure the stability of the operation. Therefore, users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues when purchasing high speed memory. Team Group offers lifetime warranty, so you can purchase and enjoy the products with ease.

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