Technologies used to build mobile slots

Online slots are without a doubt the most popular casino games when it comes to online casinos. But the slots you can find at online casinos today are nothing like the classic fruit machines which could be found in the past on most land based casino floors. Online slots today are modern games with top of the line animations, high symbol details and lucrative bonus features. You can play slots at all online casinos today and you can choose from many different games coming from many software providers.

With the development of the online gambling industry and the technology in the world at the same time many casinos and software providers today focus on mobile play. This is an absolute must in the industry today as the revenue from mobile gaming has surpassed the revenue from instant play. This is why pretty much all slots you can find online today have been converted to mobile slots by using the latest technologies.

The transition from instant to mobile play

Mobile slots became a necessity with the development of mobile phones and the internet. When online slots were first introduced on the market they relied on flash player in order to run. This meant that players couldn’t access slots from their mobile devices. Even though there were workarounds this issue a complete solution was much needed. This came when leading software provider NetEnt released a new collection of video slots built with the latest HTML5 technology. With this technology all players needed to run any slot game was a mobile browser. With flash player out of the way mobile slots took over the market.

The new mobile slots built with HTML5 would automatically fit the screen of any mobile device they were played from. This novelty brought many changes to the online gambling industry where all casinos moved from download mode to instant play and mobile. This is why today you can access pretty much every online casino directly from your browser, no matter if you are using a mobile device or a desktop computer. This innovation also made the expansion of mobile casinos possible and today more players like to play at the casino from their mobile device rather than from a desktop computer.

Advantages of playing mobile slots

There are many advantages which players can use when playing mobile slots, rather than playing from a laptop or desktop computer. One of the most obvious ones is freedom to play from any location you want. All you will need is to connect to a wifi network where possible or simply activate the mobile data on your mobile device. After that you can access every online casino from your mobile browser. To make access to the casino even more easier some of the most reputable online casinos in the industry have their own mobile casino apps available. This way all you will need is to activate the mobile app and you will get instant access to the casino.

But the biggest advantage when playing mobile slots at a mobile casino is the bonus promotions. Many online casinos today who like to promote mobile play will offer their players some no deposit sign up bonus or no deposit sign up free spins on some mobile slot. These bonuses can only be claimed via the mobile platform so you can easily get some free money to play with and even make a withdrawal at the casino. At the same time many online casinos have moved on to mobile play only, where the casino games and bonus promotions are available only if you are playing from a mobile device. This is one more reason to play at your favorite online casinos simply by using your mobile device.

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