The 6 Must-Have Mac Accessories

Macs are an industry standard for quality computing experience. From designers to writers and developers, you will find many experts using Macs for their everyday tasks. Macs provide a more seamless experience than their rivals in the market – which sets them apart in every department. Sadly, Apple follows its design philosophy, and almost every new Mac drops one or two basic features that you can only get back with Mac accessories. In this article, you will find about 6 must-have Mac accessories that can take your MacBook productivity game to the next level!

1.      An Ethernet Adapter

You will not find an Ethernet adaptor in your Mac. The reason? Apple has always focused on providing refined and top-notch design experiences for its users. To ensure that your Mac is slim and provides better performance than other laptops in the market, they don’t include the Ethernet port out of the box. Ethernet is way more secure than WiFi, and many professionals rely on Ethernet for faster, secure connectivity. But the lack of an Ethernet adaptor is not a problem! You can easily add one to your Mac using the USB-ethernet adapter available on the UGREEN website. This adaptor is easy to use and will help get the most out of your Internet connection.

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2.      A Keyboard Protector

Most people have to spend all day in front of their Mac computers. Now, while there’s no doubt about Macs’ superior design and durability, the keyboards are prone to getting dirty over time. A Mac keyboard replacement can easily make a dent in your pocket. The easiest way of keeping your MacBook keyboard free of dirt is by installing a keyboard protector. These protectors do an amazing job of keeping the dust away and ensure that your typing experience stays intact over the years. You can remove the protector and install a new one when the need arises – it’s that simple!

3.      An External Hard Drive

Macs come with amazing storage options that allow you to store most of your important files. But if you are a designer doing some video-editing or have a lot of presentations for work, you have to keep your media files saved on your external storage. You can buy an external hard drive for your Mac. This external drive will ensure that your Mac’s performance doesn’t suffer and you  have a consistent  experience.

4.      An External Battery

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a power station for recharging their Mac? Though the recent Macs come with a durable battery, you may still have to recharge your Mac while you’re on the go. The most convenient way of recharging your Mac is using an external battery. An external battery pack can save you from finding a power outlet in a busy office or during your vacation.

5.      A USB-C Hub

As mentioned earlier, the Mac design has cut down on  the number of ports, which has hurt the Mac’s versatility. But the good thing is that you don’t have to depend on their design choices at all. You can easily get all your devices connected to your Mac with a USB-C Hub. A USB-C Hub can easily be placed inside your bag. But oh boy, it gives you so much room for connecting different peripherals that you won’t think about the lack of ports ever again!

6.      A Bluetooth Speaker

Audiophiles are never happy with the in-built speakers, be it a Mac or any other device. You have to ensure that you hear everything loud and clear if you’re listening to music or watching a movie. External Bluetooth speakers can solve this problem. Rechargeable Bluetooth speakers provide an amazing sound experience. You can carry them in your bag and enjoy a superb audio experience anywhere you want!