The Best Blockchain Games For 2021

The frontier of gaming has never become as hot as it is now. With so many gaming possibilities evolving, alongside gaming communities forming, do you want to know one thing that they all have in common? Blockchain. Cryptocurrency has massively surged in interest within the gaming world, there is no doubt about that. With the added security and smart contracts formatted from the technology, there has never been a safer time to game and explore the online realm.

Just like the online gaming world, we have the surge of sports betting and the integration of cryptocurrency as a payment method for both withdrawals and deposits. Blockchain is taking over the entire online gaming presence, and with multiple promotions and offers used to reel gamblers, such as Football Betting Offers amongst others, there is all the more reason to say yes and never no.

Below are some of the most current blockchain games of the year, which have managed to amass quite the large following.

The Sandbox

Here we have the first title of recommendation. Sandbox is a virtual world that is driven by blockchain entirely. Compatible on all device software, the aim of this game is to build and maintain your lands ecosystem, and create inanimate objects which can be used to sell and trade within the community’s marketplace. The NFTs system allows all users to be rewarded for their hard efforts and interaction with the game, and with that you can separate your tokens to make your land flourish and thrive. This game really is the physical representation as to how video gaming as a concept really is changing before our very eyes.

P.S. If you are a Minecraft lover, this game will certainly be a yes for you!

Axie Infinity

Another game that deserves a look into, is Axie infinity. If you are a Pokémon lover, this will certainly make you reminisce about the old days, why? Well, this game will require you to raise your own Axie creatures, and use them towards battling other players. They do come with different capabilities, and breeding qualities, but-yes, a big but here, the cheapest Axies cost the minimum of 0.0421 ETH (around $75). So, if you are wanting to reign supreme when you face it out against other online players, you will probably need to select the Axies you work with very particularly.

Neon District

The final blockchain game you should checkout is Neon District. While we are on the cusp of receiving the sequel to play, this is not set to release for another couple of months, so you will have to make do with this one while you wait. Set in a cyber funk city, you will be battling enemies across a city filled with crime and questionable characters. Like most cryptocurrency games, you will be able to trade weapons and strategic items and NFTs over the online marketplace, to prepare yourself as best you can for your next opponent. This game streams Total Recall meets the Matrix, and it gets you in the middle of all the action from the get-go.