The Best Case Mods of 2022!

What a year 2022 was for case modding and custom PC builds! Not only are these builders extremely talented, but they give us inspiration for our next build. Each week we feature a mod or build that has been completed in the community in our Case Mod Friday section. Going through all of the builds from the past year we have picked out a few that really caught our eye! Without further ado here are our picks for the best case mods of 2022! In no particular order of course!

FENN High-end Custom Systems Porsche 992

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This amazing build from FENN High-end Custom Systems is of course themed after a Porsche 992. What we really like about it is how compact it really is and how the colors just to together so well. On top of that the chrome hard tubing and how the bends for the tubing are unconventional, but go together quite well. Be sure to check out our full feature on the Porsche 992 build from FENN High-end Custom Systems.

Snef’s Prototye

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Snef has been working on a prototype case and he has actually done a few builds based on his own custom case. What is really cool about this case beyond that it is custom-made, is how well everything goes together from the hardware placement to the watercooling. On top of that there is even a handle at the top to make it easy to take with you places. I don’t know about you, but I would love a case / build like this! Be sure to check out our full feature on Snef’s Prototype.

Bro Cooling’s $22K Water Cooled Wall PC

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Each year we some pretty over-the-top builds, but this wall PC from Bro Cooling is just insane! This was made to be part of their YouTube set, but the attention to detail is still there and its great how they used so many different watercooling parts! I don’t know about you, but I would love this in my office! Be sure to check out our full feature on the $22K Water Cooled Wall PC from Bro Cooling!

SS Mods GlaSSial

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SS Mods has always done great work, but the thing I really like about the GlaSSial build is that it is a system I would really enjoy having on my desk. It is small and compact, yet extremely powerful. It is pretty impressive that the case itself was custom-made and allows to have both the motherboard and graphics card watercooled in such a small space! Be sure to check out our full feature on the GlaSSial build from SS mods.

Modding Cafe’s Iron Man Mark III

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There have been some pretty amazing themed builds this year, but our favorite has to be Modding Cafe’s Iron Man Mark III build. It basically shows Iron Man under construction and the attention to detail on this one is absolutely amazing! This is actually part of a series that Modding Cafe has done and all of the builds are great! Check out our full feature on Modding Cafe’s Iron Man Mark III.

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