The best Instagram stalkers free online tool for 2021 (secret information for professional spies)

If you need to stalk someone on their Instagram profile – in this article you’ll get two modern methods of Internet spies that will help you to do it anonymously without any footprints in their insights.

Instagram is that social media that was created to connect people and to give them an opportunity to share their life events, emotions, and minds inside each other’s feed. Why does it need to be stalked?

IG is made so that the privacy and security of the community users are strong, and it rises up from feature to feature. You can look through the posts of any public profile freely, but if it comes to Stories – you can’t look through them without being seen by an author.

You can even look through the Stories in the highlight section anonymously.  The list of viewers of Stories, that have been added to Highlights are available for 48 hours after it has been added to a profile.  After this period any view won’t be seen on the list of viewers (only the number will change). But if the Story hasn’t been added to the Highlights section out – can’t view it without being seen in the Insights section.

But if you want to keep to your anonymous status while looking through the content of any public profile – here are two methods for that. (Spoiler: Insta

Firstly let’s clarify what reasons do people normally have for stalking Instagram pages of other users.

Stalk Instagram profiles for private reasons

This is the most popular reason to track around Instagram private users is to know more about the lives of people that you’re interested in. If you’re curious about your ex of the potential partner.

Nobody wants to be seen on the page of such a person – for example after a painful divorce or break up. So people are looking for a perfect way to track their Stories (that probably won’t be saved in the highlights section).

Stories are showing the lives of people right inside out. So sometimes it is a crucial thing to have anonymous access to the Stories of some profiles.

Instagram stalking for professional marketing reasons

Another popular reason for stalking Instagram is the competitor analysis and spying for rivals. Most of the brands on Instagram are inspiring of other brands to get the newest marketing strategies and find key ideas and marketing concepts of their Instagram strategy.

Stalking competitor’s stories can be more effective if you save their stories and analyze them as a big library of marketing materials. With automated stalking, you’ll have a full plan and timetable of their promotions and all for their marketing actions.

You can track all giveaways, shout outs, new arrivals, the latest reviews. With all Stories of your competitors, you can analyze their designs, canvas, animations etc.

You can get deeper into their creative ideas that they use in the stories marketing –  and you can have it on hand without downloading and messing your device memory, as they will appear on your dashboard and stay there forever.

Instagram stalker free methods for automated Stories downloading

Stories collecting from any public Instagram profile can be made by using these two methods:

fake account and free online tool.

Free online tool for anonymous Instagram stalking

ig stalker 1

The first method of Instagram stalking is using a special tool. It can keep your main profile safe, and never be seen by others in the views list. The tool doesn’t require logging in with an Instagram profile. It doesn’t require any Instagram profile.

This method is about using the special download in service for Instagram stories – it’s called Instagram story saver.

The idea of the service is based on the automatic Stories download in your dashboard in the tool. So once you’ve added a profile you want to stalk and switch on the Stories downloading – every new Story will appear on your dashboard automatically. Without any additional move from you.

How to view Stories anonymously? How do you use Instagram Stories saver for stalking any Instagram profile?

ig stalker 2

Get all stories of any public Instagram profile automatically in three steps:

Go to the Insta stalker.

#1 Open the Instagram profile you’d like to stalk

#2 Click to copy the URL link to the profile – tap three dots in the right upper corner of the interface

#3 Paste the URL to the profile to the insert line of Instagram Stories saver by Ingramer and click the download button.

After clicking, all Stories of the profile Instagram will immediately be saved to your dashboard in the tool once you’ve logged in. Also, you can save any story from the library to a folder in your device memory as a JPEG or MP3 file.

Fake Instagram account stalking

This method is quite difficult and may cause some problems to you, but it is real, and you can use it for your goals.

This Instagram account’s stalking will be held through a fake page creating. This is a really popular Instagram method, but there are so many fake pages on this social media in 2021. They can be easily detected by a user. Moreover, if your page was created using your phone number or the same email as your main page – it can cause some problems in the future. But still, this method works great.

The Fake page method has some minuses or if we compare it to an online service method that is described above in this article.

For the fake page method, the biggest disadvantage is that it should be all done manually. So, if you want to save all stories of your competitor for future reuse and analysis – you need to go to his page and monitor if the story appears. And then if it is so you need to make a  screen video, screenshot, or save this content with a downloading tool.

Too many actions, huh? And what is more – your device memory will be always full of somebody’s Stories. And you’ll skip some Stories for sure and miss the valuable content from the page if you’ll do this manually.