Mobile Arsenal: The Mouse

We are starting a new series of articles here on ThinkComputers. We define our “Mobile Arsenal” as what we would recommend to you for your mobile setup. Many of us are traveling all the time and we need to be able to be productive on the road. After using quite a lot of different types of mobile products and applications we are going to focus on the best and present them to you here.

Today we are going to focus on the mouse. Unless you are extremely comfortable using a trackpad it is very hard to be productive on the road without using a mouse. We consider mice in our “Mobile Arsenal” category as mobile mice, so you are not going to find any full-size mice here. So if you are looking for the perfect mouse for your travels read on and see what we would recommend.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is one of the most comfortable portable mice that I have ever used. It feels great being used in either your right or left hand. It makes use of Logitech’s Darkfield Laser Tracking Technology which means it can be used on practically any surface. This is great if you are on the go and don’t have a mouse pad or just get stuck on a really bad surface. It has seven programmable buttons, which are great for your shortcuts and quick-launch applications. The mouse also comes with a nano receiver, so you can keep that plugged into your laptop at all times. The Anywhere Mouse MX can be found online for only $37.99.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

As you can guess by the name the Microsoft Arc Mouse has a sort of arc design to it. The back section of the this mouse actually folds down to automatically turn the mouse off and it is the placeholder for the wireless receiver. When the back section of the mouse is extended it gives the mouse an arc shape, which is either a design and feel you are going to like or hate. The mouse does offer two main buttons and a scroll wheel. Microsoft does say you will get a six-months of use without having to change the batteries. The Arch mouse is selling at my favorite online retailer for $34.

Mad Catz R.A.T. M Mobile Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz R.A.T. M

I normally wouldn’t have a gaming mouse on this list, but I actually use the R.A.T. M as my mobile mouse quite often. I think the thing that really sets it apart from other mice on this list is its overall design. If you have ever used a R.A.T. mouse from Mad Catz you know what I mean. It also has many of the same features as the full-sized R.A.T. mice, these include 10 programmable buttons (12 total), a 6400 DPI twin-eye laser sensor and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technology. You can pick up the R.A.T. M for $59.99 online. If you want to know more about this mouse check out our review.

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