The Best Supply Chain Software Companies

If you think that your business will need to improve its supply chain, inventory, and its logistics, then it is the right time to get the right supply chain software for your company. Looking for the right provider who can provide the appropriate solution for you has been challenging. But you can save your time and effort by just focusing on the supply chain software companies who have established proficiency and reputation.

But you need to take time to browse around your options. Let’s save your time by sharing you the  list of top supply chain software companies in the world. So, without further ado, let’s hop into this amazing list.

ERBIS – the no.1 pick

ERBIS is not a new name in the category of supply chain software. Known for its seamless and resilient cloud services, ERBIS has tons of offers for their medium to high-profile clients.

When it comes to supply chain software, ERBIS can provide the top-notch quality which will make the clients won’t regret their decision. As quoted from the official site of ERBIS, the company offers the affordable solution of custom software development. Their team consists of the senior software engineers and the proficient staff who work together to bring their client’s idea to life.

This fantastic company does know what the businesses really need from the supply chain software. Therefore, they had promised to offer the best things for different categories including the front-end, back-end, mobile, IoT, DevOps, Quality Assurance, UI design, UX  design, and many more developments. ERBIS also focuses on Big data & cloud migration, IT consulting, technical and client support, real estate and construction, and many more. No matter what the industry that you are in charge with, ERBIS is ready to help you anytime.

In the healthcare niche, for instance, ERBIS has been known as the company which has made great advanced medical software and systems. Their professionalism is high to the levels of creating a holistic  approach specially designed for their clients.

ERBIS has confidence in the supply chain & logistics niche. They have a long run list of portfolios of the supply chain software with the top rated reviews and feedback from the satisfying consumers. The supply chain software solutions range from the data analytics, AI, machine learning, as well as overall optimization features. When you see their portfolio, you’d agree that they have proven the track of successes in the particular niche.

The supply chain software, as we know its relevance with the modern needs, comes with ample systems for transportation tracking and optimization. And for that reason, we positioned ERBIS as the no.1 option you must check.

Descartes Systems Group

Descartes made over $150mn from its supply chain software back in 2017. Descartes Systems Group, as mentioned in their official site, provides the software-as-a-service for the logistics sectors. Besides the ready-made software, they also offer the customized supply chain software. Therefore, it is safe to assume that they can provide the great quality tailored for the specific business or company as their client.

Epicor Software Corporation

As an opener, this company made around $191mn from their supply chain software offers. Although the supply chain software is just a part of the company’s offers, they have the commitment to tailor to the needs of businesses and industries in different niches.

Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates company offers the supply chain software for different niches of business including pharmaceutical, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and many more. The company was listed in Forbes’ America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies. If you happen to be in NYC or Manhattan, dropping by their office can be a great idea to find the potential solutions for your business.

Infor Global Solutions

Infor Global Solutions has the big numbers in terms of their clients. The company has helped over 90,000 organizations across the world, with some portions which are relevant to the supply chain software. It works across many sectors including the industrial, retail, distribution, and so on. This company has been renowned for its end-to-end solution in the supply chain software.


JDA made around $500 back in 2019 along with the trend of the supply chain software. Their supply chain software solution has been prevalent with the categories such as logistics, hospitality, travel, distribution, retail, as well as manufacturing.

Coupa Software

Coupa Software’s revenue in 2017 was $114.3m. It did mean that they have been maintaining great services for their client. Coupa Software focuses on business management platforms which include invoicing, expenses, producrement, analytics, and so on. The headquarter of the company is in San Mateo, California. According to its CEO, it has over 400 customers across the globe. One of the reasons why we added this to the list is because it was ever listed in the Silicon Review.


Basware is known for its automated payment solutions software and the supply chain software. The company is older than some companies in our list in this post. It has been around since 1985 and its name is not rare in the businesses and SMEs communities. Basware has been working with thousands of businesses in over 100 countries. From its supply chain software alone, it has $122mn revenue. It is quite a big figure.


HighJump is an international-scale supply chain software company which has over 4,200 customers around the world. HighJump offers a  suite of software related to the supply chain software. Therefore, many retailers are reliant on this company because of their great solution in the supply chain software.  It is one of the seamless companies that we’ve ever checked.


Oracle has been working with 430,000 clients around the world. The number has been significantly  increasing from year to year. In the supply chain software offer alone, it made over $1.5bn back in 2018. This number is crazy. The company has modernized the supply chain software so that it can be applicable in many different niches of the business.