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Netflix is a global media player but it is not known for having an amicable relationship with any of the virtual private networks (VPNs), including ones as popular as NordVPN.

Indeed, the giant of streaming is infamous for actively blocking connections from VPNs. What has happened as a result is that a lot of subscribers worry that they may not be able to continue using NordVPN to access Netflix.

Netflix is a stickler for making sure that specific content is available for subscribers within their countries. This means that Netflix Australia is likely to offer different content than either Netflix Canada or Netflix US.

The way Netflix controls geographical access is simple: having checked the IP address of any device that is attempting a connection, it is then able to block that connection if it detects that the IP originates from any country not eligible for the content being requested.

VPNs come into their own because they have been proven to act as a way of circumventing Netflix’s access controls. What VPNs do is mask a user’s IP address with the VPN server’s own in the country where a specific Netflix server is based.

However, Netflix has become wise to this trick and has been working hard to block IP addresses belonging to the VPN providers. Netflix and providers like NordVPN have since joined a cat and mouse game to outflank each other.

NordVPN in its efforts to stay ahead in this game stays on top of news like Netflix US being blocked on TVs, Firesticks, and Android boxes.  These inconveniences can be very problematic if you travel abroad and want to keep up with a particular series on Netflix via a NordVPN netflix servers connection.

The majority of Netflix watchers are unaware that the streamer maintains different libraries in the 190 countries where Netflix is available. For example, Netflix US offers the most comprehensive t collection of TV shows and movies, while other countries only get offered a smaller range of titles.

This can be due to the effects of copyright laws. Netflix may be popular for watching movies, but it does not have the copyrights for many of the titles. If the content is not Netflix’s own, then other production studios have the rights and might have arranged exclusive deals with other media partners in different countries.

The fact is that this is one of the ways that studios protect their profitability. It is unfortunate that it may well mean that you are barred from accessing similar content to that offered by Netflix in other countries.

One way that people try to bypass these geographical restrictions is by using VPNs and altering their IP address. Netflix, however, has honed its techniques for detecting VPN originated connections and so many subscribers have been left feeling very frustrated.

The good news is that NordVPN remains a reliable way of accessing the world’s Netflix servers because NordVPN specified servers are still able to grant you unencumbered access to Netflix movies.

This combines with an enhanced connection speed that is provided by NordVPN to give it the edge over most of the other VPNs currently operating. Decent connection speeds are essential for uninterrupted streaming.

However, keeping NordVPN servers Netflix-friendly is a struggle that goes on to counter Netflix’s persistent efforts to bar access via VPNs. Thankfully, the struggle means you still can access many of the most popular Netflix libraries.

For example, if you connect to NordVPN servers in Canada, you’ll appear to Netflix as a Canadian user. The traffic seems to originate from Canada so you’ll be able to successfully connect to Netflix Canada. The same applies to other Netflix servers around the world.

To connect to Netflix via NordVPN is quite simple. First, you need a NordVPN client app installed on whatever device you use. Even though NordVPN doesn’t currently offer a free VPN subscription, NordVPN offers one of the lowest rates among the top VPN providers, and anyway, you’ll be protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee when you sign up to one of its plans.

To connect to a NordVPN server and access Netflix:

  • Visit and click Pricing
  • (Don’t forget to check available VPN deals before subscribing)
  • Select the subscription plan you want
  • Create an account by entering your email
  • Choose your payment method
  • From the email, you should receive, activate your account
  • Download NordVPN
  • Launch NordVPN’s client program and enter your details
  • Connect to the NordVPN server in whatever country you want access to Netflix
  • Visit and you’ll be directed to whatever Netflix operates in the connected NordVPN server’s country.

This should give you access to Netflix’s library.

It may be that you have difficulty getting access to Netflix. This could be down to some local information that is stored in your cache.

To resolve this easily:

  • Clear the cache
  • Restart the software associated with the NordVPN client
  • Configure your device’s DNS manually with the NordVPN DNS
  • Restart your device.

To prevent your browser from accessing cache files that might contain information identifying your physical location you can also access Netflix in the incognito mode. NordVPN is not able to support access to Netflix on TV devices, Firestick or Android boxes, it does enable access on most other platforms including PCs, iOS devices, and Android phones. It is known that Netflix can be accessed in most major countries via NordVPN.

In addition to Netflix access, NordVPN is among the best VPNs to make sure your privacy is secure and remains protected. With NordVPN you will not have to miss any of your favorite shows for whatever time you’re away and traveling abroad.

NordVPN is inherently secure as well as being among the most affordable available.

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