The Biggest Benefits of Communicating with Your Team Using Telepresence

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Unfortunately, so much can get lost in translation when collaborating with your team remotely. It’s often tough to convey your thoughts, wishes and desires about a particular project when your instructional videos and live conferences are being viewed on tiny screens. In fact, you may feel like you’re being ignored – even if it’s unintentional – by your remote team as the distractions of the day distract their attention.

Telepresence is an effective way to communicate with your team remotely. What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits? We’ll answer all of those questions and more.

What Is Telepresence?

Without boring you with the technical details of virtual meeting software, we’d like to fill you in on the powerful effects of telepresence and how they can help improve communications across the board. You see, this type of video communication software is interactive, distraction free, and collaborative. When your team sees you in a telepresence environment, it will almost feel like everyone is together in the same room.

How so? The great thing about this videoconferencing platform is the ability to make the speaker nearly lifelike in appearance. You’ll appear on a large, lifesize videoconferencing screen; the sound of your voice will come through multiple speakers and really grab the attention of the participants in the meeting.

This is called the telepresence effect, and it has a significant impact on remote meetings far and wide. Your employees will no longer be distracted because your booming voice and lifelike appearance will captivate their senses and keep them fully engaged in the meeting. So you’ll get your point across, your instructions will be known and heard, and your collaborative efforts with your team will no longer seem like your words are going in one ear and out the other.

Using Telepresence Will Help You Effectively Communicate with Your Team
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As a business owner or a manager, you’ll have to travel often to meet with clients, prospective clients, and potential business partners. All this traveling used to make it difficult to communicate with the team in your headquarters about important project updates, new projects in the works, and everything else you can imagine. But those days are now far behind you with the use of telepresence.

You can quickly, easily, and effectively collaborate with as many people as you want even if you aren’t in the same location. You’ll be able to speak with each other just like you’re standing next to each other. You’ll be able to quickly and easily share data with one another as well.

Using this technology makes communication a cinch. Since the screen is lifelike, you’ll be able to pick up on verbal signals and cues just as you would if you were all in the same room. This is something you’d not be able to do during teleconferencing.

Telepresence Creates Better Engagement with Your Team

It’s simpler to engage with your entire team using telepresence because you can visually see each participant, which will certainly keep them engaged throughout the entire virtual meeting. This is powerful because it lets you see everyone’s body language and facial expressions as you speak, enabling you to see if your message has the right impact or not. Obviously, picking up on auditory and visual cues will help you effectively communicate while keeping everyone engaged at the same time.


Clearly, telepresence is the wave of the future and it’s happening right now. Consider this powerful option whenever you need to remotely collaborate with your team.

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