The first (unofficial) Xbox Series X unboxing video is here, a month before release

The next-gen console war is in the final stages now. We’re now about a month away from the release of next-gen consoles. In the meantime, Xbox Series X was just unboxed today for the first time, giving us a peek into the contents of the retail box.

The video comes from a YouTube account by the name of Willy Crow, showing a full unboxing of the retail unit of the Xbox Series X, along with a look at the final retail-ready unit of the console. Take a look:

We get a look at the box, the contents including the leaflets, the controller, and the Xbox itself, which looks gorgeous. The video is not in English, so we have not been able to understand what the guy in the video is saying. The video has arrived right as Xbox Series X units have started shipping to retail warehouses.

The Xbox Series X releases on November 10, along with its affordable sibling Xbox Series S. Are you planning on grabbing one for yourself? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

Via GamesRadar

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