The Hardware and Software Solutions Behind Smart Casinos

When you think about casinos you might not be thinking about “smart” technologies, but as the casino industry continues to evolve and grow many new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have entered the gaming industry. Smart solutions are definitely the way forward for casinos, so what are these hardware and software solutions?

Software Solutions

One software solution is from CymbIoT. Their solution integrates with current microphones, cameras, and any other web-enabled devices that are already installed and allows them to work together, even if they are made by different companies. With the integration the system is able to recognize players, track chips, and even cards. This starts the moment someone enters the casino. The play recognition function allows the software to alert for known players, deny access to underage or banned players, and identify new players. Even at online casinos like Royal Vegas, identity validation is important

Hardware Solutions

While software is great you definitely need the hardware to back it up. A company called Ganlot manufactures quite a lot of hardware for slot machines including the logic units which play a big part in the slot machine’s game content and its logic math. Of course with gaming hardware you need security for the data and Ganlot is dedicated to a high-security design for their gaming hardware. Ganlot follows trends and is working on solutions for interactive gaming and much more.

How these technologies make up a smart casino

The industry is moving towards technologies that we’ve mentioned and in the future you’ll definitely see more smart casinos on the rise. When it comes to software companies like CymbIoT have solutions to track activities of players, but also to enhance their experience. Since their actions are being tracked they can be rewarded for performing certain actions and much more. On the hardware side you have a firm like Ganlot who have hardware solutions ready for the future which not only make gaming machines smarter, but more interesting and better for the gamer.

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