The Hottest Games for the Hottest Months – Your Summer Gaming Guide

Depending on where you’re situated, summer is considered by many to be the best time of the year. If the weather is as good as it should be then chances are you’ll be spending most of your time outside. However, if you’re unlucky enough to live somewhere where the sun is only a fleeting visitor, you’ll need something to keep you occupied while you’re indoors wishing you’d booked that holiday to the Caribbean. Thankfully, we have you covered in this regard. Here is a rundown of games that will ensure that the action on your screen is hotting up even if the weather has decided to do the opposite.

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario and his friends tend to make even the most mundane games playable, and the golf and tennis series have always been particular highlights when it comes to our favorite Italian plumber. Tennis Aces cleverly borrows features from the combat genre. For example, meter management allows you to unleash special moves such as the flashy trick shot or KO punch once your power bar is full. In addition to this, you really have to time your shots properly as your racket can shatter from the impact of too many hits. While this is certainly challenging, it adds a deeper level to the strategy of the contest and makes it a little more interesting than simply whacking the ball back and forth. Mario Tennis Aces has just been released for the Nintendo Switch.

Throne: Kingdom at War

Plarium’s Throne: Kingdom at War is a free to play MMO where you take on the role of a medieval lord and mighty descendant of the great king. Essentially, you’re tasked with raising a competent military and progressing your own city while simultaneously competing against other players to become the most dominant force in your kingdom. A particular area of interest is the new and innovative “studies” function, where you’re required to send scholars out to the battlefield in order to gain valuable information about your opponents. They’ll also provide you with expert advice on weaponry and harvesting techniques. In addition to this, the graphics are second to none and the towns really come alive as you progress through the kingdom. Initially released in 2016, Throne: Kingdom at War is available for all browsers as well as Android and iOS.

Strange Brigade

As you can probably tell by the title, this is by far the most “out there” game on the list but it also happens to be one of the most fun. The game can best be described as a co-op monster shooter. It’s set in 1930s Egypt because that’s apparently where all the zombies, mummies and supernatural creatures were all hiding back then. Either way, the game looks gorgeous and each Indiana Jones styled environment has a number of secrets to unlock and monsters to battle meaning that while there’s a lot to unpack, the amount of camp, zombie filled fun is endless and a great way to spend the summer months when it’s finally released on August 28th for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

Pray For Rain

As silly as it may sound, there’s a good chance you won’t get to enjoy some of these great games if the sun is out, so start practicing your rain-dancing technique and get your gaming chair ready because this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great titles coming out this summer. If all else fails however, you can always go outside and make friends (that made us shudder too).

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