The Impressive Potential of In-Page Ads

In-page ads represent a novel format that resembles push notifications. Introduced in 2020, it is now increasingly popular due to its high efficiency. More and more companies choose to use in-page ads on publishers’ sites. Discover the key benefits of this method.

Today, pop-ups and banners are less efficient than before due to browser updates and a phenomenon known as banner blindness. Users ignore them consciously or unconsciously, which means companies waste large chunks of their advertising budgets. In-page ads are designed specifically to look like push notifications. So, what’s the advantage?

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The Rise of In-Page Ads

These non-intrusive native ads can work for any kind of mainstream and adult traffic, whatever the device, browser, or location. Large ad networks offer a cost-effective way to promote services and products via in page ads — check for quotes. More and more businesses are discovering this new type of digital promotion.

The Benefits of the Format

1.    All Devices

The format may be used for any OS. Previously, due to Apple’s ban, the audience of iOS users was largely unreachable. Now, in-page ads allow companies to circumvent these limitations.

In early 2020, Google announced its transition to a ‘quieter UI’ via the Chrome 80 Update. Now, third-party cookies are blocked, and users can flag heavy-loading ads to eliminate them. However, in-page ads are not affected by the change.

2.    No Subscription Required

Users do not have to opt-in to see these ads. This eliminates an essential barrier that hindered ad delivery in the past. At the same time, pop-unders are less intrusive than pop-ups by definition.

3.    High Efficiency

According to the EvaDav network, These ads deliver a higher CTR (click-through rate) in comparison with conventional pushes. The indicator is 25% higher due to the native feel. Moreover, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is 2 or 3 times higher than for banners.

4.     Users Do Not Feel Misled

Well-designed in-page ads have large exit buttons. They are easy to close. As a result, users feel more positive about their content. No more unintended clicks! The ads do not block the content the user is looking at, so they are also more user-friendly.

5. Extra Income for Existing Formats

The in-page push will provide additional income to the formats you have already implemented. Users may leave the site before they interact with other ads. When in-page ads are placed on the landing page, they are bound to be noticed.

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Multiple Benefits of In-Page Campaigns

In-page ads have many advantages over other forms of online promotion. They are shown directly on publishers’ sites without the need for opt-ins. They are effective on any device and OS. Furthermore, they are immediate. Today, in-page ads are a fresh format, so users interact with it actively, and the results are impressive.