The increased need of high capacity batteries in today’s smartphones

Smartphones have always had a problem with batteries. Since the inception of the modern day smartphone trend, one of the first questions that consumers had on their minds was how much will the battery last. Today, that is no different as the capacity of the smartphone’s battery still plays a vital role in consumer’s decision making process. So whether or not a smartphone can withstand long trips and not need to be charged mid day can easily determine if it’s getting purchased.

How to keep your phone’s battery life up throughout the day
There are many things that you can do in order to make your battery last longer. Some of these tips are pretty basic but that doesn’t change the fact that most people overlook them. That being said, let’s get into it and check out some of these tips.

Disable the internet connection
It’s incredibly convenient to leave your WiFi or even mobile data enabled at all times. It means that as soon as you need the internet you can start browsing. However, this has dire effects on your phone’s battery which suffers all the backlash of being constantly drained by WiFi. Try to disable everything internet related when you’re not actually using the internet. You will be surprised how much juice goes just into keeping the WiFi service enabled at all times.

Get a power bank
If you are the kind of smartphone user that loves those long TV show marathons on the train or plain, you will want to make sure that you take a power bank with you so that you can have backup power to your phone. It’s a great way of making sure your phone doesn’t die when you need it the most and the people you’re traveling with start snoring.  Managing your battery is one thing but with a power bank you can have as much as one or even two extra battery worth of energy with you at all times.

Go into Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode is often times overlook as a least important feature but it’s great when you need to manage your battery efficiently. It allows you to turn off your phone’s network signal. Why do this? Maybe you want to take a nap or you are in a meeting. There are many situations in which you wouldn’t want to be bothered anyway. These are the perfect opportunities to turn on Airplane Mode. Just being in communication with signal towers drains a lot of battery life from your phone. It’s incredibly effective to just turn off your network signal when you don’t need to actually engage in a phone call and it will be a noticeable increase in battery life.

Lower video quality
Watching videos in HD resolution isn’t just a strain for your internet plan or connection but also for your phone’s processing capabilities.  If the kinds of videos you watch don’t require you to watch them in 1080p, consider lowering the video quality. This will drastically increase battery life and you’ll still be able to watch the videos in a decent quality. As we are moving towards the era of 4K, it’s important to remember that 720p can look good enough for many tasks.

Disable notifications and power saving mode
Notifications are fickle little things. They can be really useful in general as they keep you informed and up to date with your favorite stuff. However, when it comes to saving battery life, and when you’re on your last bar, the last thing you want is to see a notification pop up. Disable your notifications when you want to save battery. Most phones today offer power saving features that allow you to configure a profile. You can use this feature to save more battery life but also to make it so notifications are disabled all across the board when the battery goes below a certain threshold.

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