The Influence of Technology on Casino and Gambling Industry

Gambling was first invented in 1790’s and has undergone innumerable changes and advancements ever since. It is a game, played with the motive of making money. Players have to place bets or play with odds, promising huge winning amounts. This game, surprisingly, hasn’t yet lost its sheen- probably because of the adrenaline rush and risk involved. If you are interested in online casinos, check casinos not on gamstop.

With advancement in technology, the game underwent drastic changes. From using dice in the early times to the mobile based casinos as well as judi bola in the 21st century- the industry has experienced incredible changes.

Timeline of the oh so! Alluring Industry

  • 1790’s- Harry Ogden was the first person to make money from betting. He laid odds on the horses, examining the field from the new market heat.
  • 1845- Gambling got restricted to the racetracks. A law restricting card games involving money was passed. The bookies, hence, came up with games other than just racing, to place bets on.
  • 1961- Legalisation of betting shops led to an establishment of nearly 10,000 shops within six months. The shop had a bookie on the counter, a board man compiling results on the basis of information from the Extell’s wire service and was announced by the blower.
  • 1986- The betting shops witnessed the use of television, fruit machines, and racing courses generated by a computer.
  • 1998- Online poker and other betting games came into play. Bookmaking firms realised the potential of online casino.
  • 2012- The worth of online gambling industry was estimated to be $4 billion.
  • 2015- The revenue from the industry reached $41.4 billion.

Effect of Mobile and Apps on Gambling Industry
The Internet has made everything easily accessible as you can easily check out joker123. From shopping to banking, everything has gotten simpler and easier. It had a similar effect on the gambling industry. It had provided an opportunity to the gamblers to experience the aura of brick and mortar casino from the comfort of their home. Brands such as Spinzwin casino have made gambling more comfortable by introducing a huge collection of casino games to play online. The year 2012 witnessed 75% rise in the mobile gaming. Predictions stated 84% extra rise in between 2013-2015.Records state that almost 164 billion people use mobile and internet to access online casino or buy lottery tickets.

Technology and Land based Casino
Availability and popularity of online casino have pushed the land based casino on the verge of extinction. Their survival has become quite difficult. They are now incorporating apps and technology in the shops to attract customers. Kiosks are being used for the convenience and entertainment of the customers. Bookies try to create a sociable and friendly atmosphere that online casino lack, along with the incorporation of apps for gambling. Tablet kiosks are in a way bridging the gap between an online casino and in-store casino.

Meeting the skyrocketing mobile gambling demands
Brands such as Spinzwin Online Casino are undoubtedly leaving no stone unturned to come up with a variety of casino games online and meeting the expectations of the customers. But the convenience provided by the latest technology has led to skyrocketing demand of online casino. This gives rise to the need for incorporation of more and more mobile games in the betting shops. Kiosks are secure and user-friendly and are sure to help meet the rising demands of the customers.

All-in-all, the latest technology has established the online gambling industry as a huge gaming giant.

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