The Latest Catalyst 12.4 Driver Upgrades for AMD

The Radeon HD 7000 series for Windows XP has received a fresh new upgrade as well as image enhancements fostered by anti-aliasing technology that may come as no surprise to avid users. What could come as a surprise is the economic feasibility of the upgrades, which should sell well to anxious consumers looking for low interest electronics deals.

AMD’s latest monthly driver update will sit well The Radeon HD 7000 series graphics already showcases a number of impressive features: the proprietary AMD Eyefinity Technology, which allows users to immerse themselves in multiple immersive environments and a panoramic gaming experience; the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, which is the world’s first 28nm GPU system and allows AMD’s 4.3 billion transistors; the AMD App acceleration feature, which provides great playback off the web, clean HD streaming, multi-app functionality, and brilliantly fast gameplay and effects. Now AMD will go a step further a series anti-aliasing enhancements. The upgrades contained in the Catalyst 12.4 include:

The Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing (level of detail image quality enhancements)

This upgrade will allow for anti-aliasing via the Catalyst Control Center and the user’s applications must support in-game anti-aliasing.

Morphological Anti-Aliasing (significant performance enhancements)

These upgrades will also be supported on the 6000 and 5000 series and will run 80% quicker than earlier releases.

Texture Filtering quality improvements

The algorithm that controls texture filtering for the DX9-11 apps will be able to render better textures.

The new upgrades for the Catalyst 12.4 have also remedied a multitude of bugs, including fixes to Skyrim, VSync and a resolution of flickering square corruption. For major users of the Radeon HD 7000 series, the Catalyst 12.4 installment will optimize the architecture of what some consider to be the most powerful graphics cards in existence.

In terms of performance, image quality, and efficiency, it’s getting harder to argue otherwise. Highly-tessellated gameplay on the Radeon 7970 model is 79% faster and uses Thermal Design Profile in order to maximize every watt of PC power. The image quality boasts Partially Resident Textures, improved Anisotropic Filtering, and improved DirectX 11 Tessellation, which creates an image performance that is 4 times better than the 6000 series. The efficiency of the Radeon Graphics Core Next technology relies on the AMD ZeroCore Power Technology, which allows desktop GPUs to power down during idle time. This benefits all gamers, and makes the series not only a leader in power efficiency, but a reliable credit card purchase for electronics consumers.