The latest changes to Windows 11

Recently, Windows 11 has seen some changes. Microsoft has made some far-reaching changes to it, which makes it even more interesting. Almost everything has been reviewed on Windows 11. What are the latest changes made to it? Continue reading this article to learn more.

Windows 11 faster than Windows 10

With the various changes that have been made to Windows 11, it is much more appropriate than Windows 10. For example, Microsoft has certified that it will wake up 25% faster than Windows 10, which is a very good new if you can’t wait for playing on National Casino login. The OS knows better prioritize objects to revive and communicates better with hardware. Also, it requires little space on the SSD and the native apps won’t activate until you make use of them.

Their update is therefore not done in the background and this contributes to optimal system performance. The transformation of the file explorer is also considered by Microsoft in order to amplify all the performance of the OS. The manufacturer intends to add an option favoring the deactivation of the synchronization of the file explorer with your documents which are saved on the Internet services of Microsoft.

This will then allow for more simplicity. For business users, Windows 11 should do them a lot of good, as Microsoft has fixed a bug that compromised full Windows 11 folder for Microsoft’s new OS.

Access Android Games and Apps on Windows 11

The launch of Android games and applications is one of the biggest innovations of Windows 11. Note that now you can access Android applications for Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store, by installing the Amazon Appstore application.

Now you can also install APK files and then get rid of the Android store. The other great news is that Android app matching with Windows 11 is not CPU dependent.

Whether you have an Intel, AMD or ARM processor, you will be able to launch Android games and applications on the Microsoft OS. Currently, this is a feature that is only available through the Dev channel. However, if you have a fairly powerful PC, you can consult some tutorials to discover the technique of launching these games and applications.

You can download over a thousand games and apps from the Amazon Appstore. Be aware that you must at least be equipped with an SSD and a more or less recent processor to enjoy better performance.

Benefit from an original Start menu

Among the many changes that have been made to the OS on Windows 11, you will find that the icons of the taskbar are now housed in the center and more to the left of the screen. This is also the case of the Windows icon which favors the call of the Start menu. Once you click on it, you will find that the menu floats on top of the Windows icon while on Windows 10, the menu was attached to it.

In the settings, you can still position the icons on the left as it was. Even the Start menu also swapped places. Icons that are pinned can be erased or sent elsewhere with a click. As for the shortcuts that appear in the “ Our recommendations ” list, you can cross them out, launch them through the browser or perform other actions with them.