The Latest in Smart Lock Technology

The Internet of Things is known for constantly pushing smart home technology. While still considered a form of luxury, smart or automated homes allow dwellers to do and control everything using voice commands or the simple touch or tap of a button. In other words, homes become labor-free havens welcoming you at the end of a hard day’s work. Without a doubt, no smart home would be complete without a good smart lock system in place that eliminates the need to use and care for metal keys hanging from key rings.

Smart Locks on the Rise

According to a report issued by Grand View Research, the international smart lock market was valued at $1.64 billion in 2021. At the same time, its CAGR is expected to reach 19.5% between 2022 and 2030. In other words, lots of households have already successfully caught on to the smart lock technology trend, and the demand is constantly rising. By 2024, the industry is expected to sell 135 million smart lock units.

Why Consider Installing a Smart Lock?

Simply put, smart locks are mechanical and electronic locking devices that open doors wirelessly while requiring registered users to authenticate themselves. Instead of using traditional keys, smart locks connect to smartphone apps with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enabling users to easily engage and disengage from any location. While standing in front of the door, smart lock users can either type in a code on a keypad, use their unique fingerprint on a sensor on the lock, or rely on voice activation to lock and unlock the door.

Smart locks allow homeowners to easily enter their homes or enable guests to access the premises without holding a metal key in their hand, adding a lot of convenience to the idea of access control and security for homes. These locks are also praised for their excellent potential of minimizing home insurance claims. Plus, they are fun and easy to use and they can prevent a series of unfortunate accidents including home lockouts that usually require specialized help from residential locksmiths such as

Interesting Smart Lock Technologies You Can Currently Buy

You can currently take your pick between two main categories of home security apps: third-party apps and proprietary apps. The former is fully compatible with a large number of security devices and smartphone operating systems. The latter are created by security companies to cater to the needs of IPD cameras manufactured by the respective companies. They usually feature free downloads and only work with the brand’s locks, home security systems, and surveillance cameras.

To simplify your research, here are some of the freshest and most interesting high-tech and smart door locks for home:

Samsung EZON. This lock has an eye-catching design and allows users to easily program a password and rely on the touch screen to control the locking and unlocking of their front door. The lock can also be controlled with the help of authentication RFID card scanning. The model also comes with a standard key as a backup and automatic locking and unlocking mode, while featuring a tamper-proof alarm system, protection against weather and high voltage, and even a fire-detecting sensor.

August Smart Lock. This lock is operated by smartphones and relies on encrypted locking technology that allows the lock to synchronize to a phone using Bluetooth technology. The lock allows users to instantly generate unique access codes for home guests or maintenance staff for predefined periods of time for limited access. Users also receive low battery alerts on their phones and they can visualize exit and entrance logs.

Kwikset Kevo features technology that resembles the one used when manufacturing keyless ignition cars. The smart lock communicates with iPhone devices with the help of Bluetooth or key fobs. Users can unlock their front door by simply tapping their finger, nose, or elbow on the lock, making it an excellent choice for people who oftentimes juggle small children, groceries, and family dogs. The LED ring will light up green when the front door is successfully unlocked, yellow when the door is locked, blue when the lock is still processing, and red to deny entry. The smartphone needs to be placed at a distance of approximately four feet from the door in order for the Kwikset Kevo smart lock to work.

Final Thoughts

These are just some examples of smart locks recommended for homeowners looking to gradually make the switch to smart homes. Most of the models available on the market today can be integrated with complex smart home set-ups and smart devices that communicate using hubs like Apple HomeKit and Google Home. While leaving or entering your home, your smart lock can be scheduled to trigger a series of automated processes such as adjusting the temperature inside the house or turning the lights on when the front door is unlocked. Choose wisely based on your needs and budget and start reaping the benefits of smart locks!