The MT 5 Release: the World “Before” and “After”

Back in 2010 the MetaTrader 5 was released. After that, the world had been divided into “before” and “after”. And here is the reason why. The birth of the new multi-asset platform has caused a big controversy between both the traders and the brokers all over the world.

Without any doubts, metatrader4 platform has its own advantages and it deserves to be tried out by every experienced and self-respecting investor. However, unlike MetaTrader 4, the newer version offers the traders popular hedging strategies. Moreover, with the improved MetaTrader 5, Forex market has become more attractive for the small investors around the world. In addition, as the new platform allows the traders to subscribe to the more experienced and high-ranked traders and follow their lead. Also, they have a unique possibility to automatize the process of opening and closing the cases.

MT 4 vs MT 5: the Big Battle

However, it is generally known that every stick has two ends. For instance, copying someone’s trading style may lead to uncontrollable and big losses. Moreover, the traders have all the chances to lose their gained competence. That is why, for those who prefer earning money on the Forex market without any assistance and help, old reliable MetaTrader 4 platform will be more convenient.

With the constant updates, bug fixes and advanced analytical tools and options, the software has become a real revolution in the trading industry for those who are concerned. In spite of the fact that the platform has the richest sets of options that meet the needs of the pickiest traders and brokers; it is still very easy to use and understand. In addition, notwithstanding the birth of the new, advanced platform, traders still can find a good and a secure broker for MetaTrader 4.The fact that MT 4 is credible and time-tested software is one of the most convincing arguments for the investors.

Top Reasons to Stick to the Old Stable MT 4

All in all, MetaTrader 4 platform is a perfect option for those who seriously address the Forex trading. The investors have all options to become successful and prosperous in this particular field. The diverse options like more than fifty default tools and user friendly interface allow them to track the market easier. It is not strange that Meta Trader 4 with its advanced trading features has proved itself to be the top industry standard.

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