The Ncore V1 is the World’s First Naked Die Cooling Waterblock for LGA1151 CPUs

The world’s first waterblock designed for naked die cooling throws years of conventional wisdom out of the window. It features six unique patentable features including its “in-frame” mounting mechanism. The man behind NUDEcnc, Arek Tobiszewski has started this Kickstarter campaign in order to get a professional CNC machine, which will enable this inventor to deliver Ncore and other cool projects to the audience. He has been brave enough to send the Ncore for a review to Kyle Bennett from HardOcp; Linus tech tips; buildzoid, and Techlipton. Some of the reviews are already up, and are very promising.

ncool 1 ncool 2

Ncore is still a prototype but Arek is promising unique features like

  • Designed for naked die cooling (No HIS in the way)
  • Water 20x closer to the CPU
  • True adjustable waterflow
  • 3d watercooling
  • Money saving thermals
  • Noise reduction
  • Independent floating fixture
  • Single part 12sec installation, no tools required
  • Deigned as a delidding tool V1D

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