The New World Crafting Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

Crafting is massive in New World and there are hundreds of things to craft, including potions, furniture, armor, and the most important are New World Coins. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some additional tips, tricks, and general gaming mechanics we encountered during the closed and open betas.

From the moment you set the first step in Aeternum, you will be faced with trials and difficulties; to get through these, you’ll need to locate resources that will allow you to craft items that will make sure you succeed. This makes craft and trading skills a highly effective tool to help your friends and make profits.

Although New World’s crafting method may appear complicated, It’s a straightforward procedure. So, if you’re looking to be one of the best creators in Aeternum, here is what you must know about gathering, refining, and crafting.

Gathering Resources Skills

Before you begin crafting, you’ll need to find items. It’s a bit like RuneScape in that you travel across the globe, chop down trees and rock and pick up the majority of things you see.

You won’t get everything at the beginning of the game. You require to level up your skills for every individual gathering role, including mining or logging. For instance, you cannot mine gold until the level of 45 for mining

  • Skinning,needs skinning knives that are used to extract raw hides and meat
  • Mining,this requires utilizing a pickax that is used to manage multiple minerals
  • Logging,this involves using a logging tool to collect various kinds of wood and logs
  • Harvesting,requires an instrument to gather fiber, herbs, and other substances from plants

Refining Resources Skills

This is the method by which you use useless resources and convert them into useful ones. A great example is melting Iron Ore into Bars. This instantly increases the product’s value and receives EXP during the process. However, it’s not that easy throughout the leftovers of the game.

You’ll also need to be attentive to the condition of your Refining Stations. They can be upgraded in a Town Project, although they’ll require the governor’s approval of the area. The higher the quality of the Refining Station is, the more significant number of options you’ll have to choose from when refining. They are located in all settlements and are easily accessible on the map of the world.

  • Woodworking, in a Woodshop, you can turn wood into usable lumber
  • Weaving, you can refine harvesting materials into linens and fiber at a Loom
  • Stonecutting, you can refine raw gemstones/stones into workable cut gemstones and stone blocks.
  • Smelting, can refine ore into ingots after usage when crafting armor and additional gear.
  • Leatherworking, at a Tannery, you can transform rawhide into a leather product that you can use.

Crafting Weapons, Armor, And More Skills

You’ve gathered all the resources, refined the resources, and now it’s time to transform them into something more substantial. Gear. It’s impossible to create anything remarkable at the beginning of the game. However, later on, it’s an excellent method of making EXP and gold.

look at five craft skills and what they entitle you to make:

  • Weapon smithing allows crafting Melee Weapons and Shields
  • Jewel crafting allows crafting Trinkets and Gems
  • Furnisher allows crafting Items for Player Housing
  • Engineering allows crafting Ranged Weapons, Spears, and Ammo
  • Cooking allows crafting Food, Drink, Fishing Bait

Can enhance your crafted items further by using Azoth-it’s a rare resource in the game. However, Azoth is also an element of the New World’s rapid-travel system. Since there are no mounts available, you’ll need to be highly cautious about the amount of Azoth you’re using during crafting.