The rise and rise of Chromecast

When the original Google Chromecast was first designed, it promised to revolutionise gaming and media streaming for the modern age. More specifically, it created the potential for cross-platform gaming and streaming, making it possible for individuals to access a wider library of titles in real-time.

As a progressive and constantly evolving brand, Google has looked to develop the Chromecast proposition with the creation of new devices. As a result of this, the brand has recently announced the release of two new Chromecast devices, which has been designed to take over your entire living room and boost functionality.

What are these devices and how will they function?
These devices will offer a multitude of features and services, although primarily they will deliver faster wireless video and audio streaming for the competitive price of just £30. They represent a significant upgrade on the original device, closing the gap that was established when Apple TV and Amazon’s exciting Fire Television entered the burgeoning marketplace last year. The portents suggest that the new hardware should perform well, especially as the formative HDMI model has reportedly sold an estimated 20 million units worldwide.

In terms of external differences, the new Chromecast devices have not been designed in the shape of a USB stick. Instead, it boasts a sleek and circular design, which accommodates new and cutting edge technology on the inside. It is also being designed in three alternative colours, including black, lemonade and coral. The latter two are shades of yellow and coral, and altogether they add an interesting visual dimension to the proposition. This means that the devices will consume less space, appealing to home-owners with a desire to maintain a tidy living environment.

What will the new Chromecast Devices mean for Gamers?
Ultimately, these design modifications should not distract from the main benefits of the upgraded Google Chromecast. With increased broadband speeds and a considerably slicker performance, users will be able to stream content and access the most popular online games platforms in real-time and across interconnected devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers with minimal interruption. We have seen a huge rise in the popularity of online computer and especially casino games, which now include a wide variety of games, from themed slots to live casino games. It will therefore deliver a more robust and higher quality streaming experience, reducing buffering in the process.

Whether you are a gamer or a movie buff, there are several new features to look out for. Almost immediately, you will probably notice that the new Chromecast is far smarter and more intuitive than its predecessor, as it has the capacity to pre-load the media that you are likely to access (based on previous usage and searches). This type of detail instantly elevates the new Chromecast, while also providing sterner levels of competition for more established such as Apple and Amazon.

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