The Top 3 Trends in Business Furniture

Trends in modern business furniture designs are meant to increase productivity. They’re not just stylish, but also versatile and increase mobility of office workers. Modern office furniture also saves costs and allows for business scalability. They come in vibrant colors, are easy to clean and their trendy designs excite and motivate workers to do their jobs, hence increasing productivity.

Trendy business furniture also keeps business items within reach and promotes better health as your employees can opt to work while standing instead of sitting for prolonged hours. Here are the three top trends in business furniture:

Top 3 Business Furniture Trends

  1. Oval-Shaped Office Desks & Community Tables

Oval-shaped office desks are designed to support multipurpose workspaces. They involve unassigned seating in multipurpose workspaces used as casual breakout areas and multimedia presentations. Depending on the size of an oval-shaped desk, it can support at least four to six users at the same time.

Community tables, on the other hand, highlight a company’s cultural moments when employees seat and interact around a large table. Typical of large tables shared by many people at the same time, community tables also find use in hotels and restaurants. Initially, they were a symbol of alliance and kinship among companies and employees.

Today, the table has evolved to become an integral part of business environments. It is typical of evolving workspaces with domicile characteristics such as more congenial, relaxed and collaborative workstations.

  1. Adjustable Window-Mounted Standing Desk

Standing desks allow employees to work while standing for increased health benefits. Studies have linked prolonged sitting to an increased risk of developing, cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In 2010, a study carried out in Australia over 7 years found that participants had an 11% risk of dying within the study period for every extra hour they spent seated on a daily basis.

In another study carried out in America in 2012, it was found that any ordinary American, who sat for a maximum of three hours daily, increased their life expectancy by two years. Deskview is the first adjustable, window-mounted standing desk in the world. It’s an innovative and portable workstation you can use on the go for better health.

Available in a minimalist design, the elegant standing desk is versatile for use in the office or at home. It is easy to install or mount on the window and use. The desk is made from aerospace-grade parts for unmatched quality and durability. It is available in clear, natural wood and white finishes to suit different user tastes and blends into almost any interior décor.

With a capacity of 40 pounds, you can stack books, plants or even fluffy animals to decorate your workspace. The desk doesn’t just revolutionize business environments, but also improves employee productivity. This is due to the fact that standing while working reduces eye strain, optimizes breathing, improves focus and concentration, increases core strength and boosts metabolism, among other benefits.

  1. Wireless Desks

Wireless desks are customized for cable-free, uncluttered workspaces. Wireless mice, keyboards and speakers are also typical of wireless desks. Supported by the Bluetooth technology, wireless desks are often used in smart home or office automation settings. However, you’ll still find one or two power cables in such workspaces.

Another trend in business furniture is a treadmill workspace built to enable users mildly workout while working. The key here is keeping the body metabolism high while working instead of prolonged sitting behind a traditional office desk.

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