The Top 6 New Gaming Sites To Watch

If you’re an avid fan of video games, there’s a vast assortment of games at your disposal. Video game developers are always working hard to deliver better games that are more intriguing to play – the options are simply too many!

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Trying to keep up with all these games could get a tad overwhelming for the average gamer. However, you can always rely on some trusted gaming sites that offer interesting news and reviews on a variety of video games.

Here are the top 6 new gaming sites to watch:

  • Breech

As a gamer, you’re always in the lookout for new game releases and hacks. BREECH offers helpful gaming tips, latest game reviews, guides and mega deals to subscribers worldwide. This site not only provides gaming reviews but also offers insightful hardware and tech reviews that will help you make the best choice when purchasing your gaming equipment. For instance, you’ll get a detailed review of the best budget gaming headsets for 2018 when you subscribe to breech.

  • Metacritic

If you’re eager to find out whether a certain video game is worth your valuable time and money, head to Metacritic. It’s a delightful gaming site that offers gamers a sneak peek into a variety of video games. Rather than simply shoving a couple of biased reviews from revered critics, this site combines the reviews offered by random gamers via top-ranking game websites to offer a much broader evaluation about a particular game.

  • Steam

Most gamers are ecstatic when it comes to purchasing a new game and trying it out. However, the process of driving up to the gaming store is often frustrating. Steam offers you the unique opportunity to download the most recent games to your PC. Apart from buying video games online, you can also learn and play a plethora of new games via Steam. It’s a central gaming hub that even offers you rewards when you achieve certain milestones.

  • Game Informer

As the title suggests, this gaming website offers information concerning new and upcoming video games. This includes features, news, reviews and previews. Such info is immensely important to gamers who’d love to get pointers before playing the actual game. The reviews cover all nitty-gritty aspects of gaming, touching on elements such as playability, replay value and graphics. Game Informer looks and feels like a professional, old-school gaming site.


If you’re more interested in viewing how certain video games are played, twitch offers a tremendous platform that showcases live gaming. This gaming site is extremely popular because it allows gamers to experience firsthand how their favorite games are played. You can log into a streaming channel on twitch and see how the pros beat their opponents. It’s certainly a site where gaming spectators feel welcome.

  • GameSpot

Though it’s relatively older than most gaming sites in this list, GameSpot has been reinventing itself each passing year. If you need a comprehensive review of any video game, this site is worth checking out. GameSpot has a unique forum where gamers interact and share resources. Its interface is quite friendly – you can navigate through different pages with ease.

Check out these 6 gaming sites to get the latest 411 on upcoming games.

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