The ultimate guide to live card games

Decks of playing cards, in different forms, have been around since the 1300s, evolving over time to create the familiar 52-card deck we see used in many games, magic tricks and puzzles. Made up of four suits – Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs, playing cards have become a staple in casinos both land-based and online, making up the basis for many of the most popular games of all time.

So, join us as we show you the ultimate guide to live card games, so you can enjoy the best online casino experience for UK players. To do this, you’ll want to log into your favourite gaming site and find the classic card games in the most popular part of the virtual venue – the live dealer casino.

Are you ready to brush up on your skills and try your hand at some of the most beloved casino games out there? Read on to find out!

Blackjack Party

Join this HD live stream and witness state-of-the-art technology in all its glory as you claim your invite to one of the hottest parties in town: Blackjack Party. With not one, but two dealers, you’ll find a more informal version of the casino classic backed by upbeat music to add a livelier vibe to this authentic gaming experience.

One of the croupiers will, of course, be dealing the game, whilst the other one hosts. There are seven seats at the tables in total, but remember that the beauty of Blackjack is that it doesn’t matter what hands the other players hold, as it all comes down to yours and the dealers.

Eight decks of cards make up gameplay, and there are a variety of different side bet options you can place, as well as the usual bets. These include 21+3, Bet Behind and Perfect Pairs. Insurance pays 1:1 and Blackjack pays 3:2, so it really is all to play for in this one-of-a-kind Blackjack Party.

Poker: Side Bet City

This game is designed to transport you back in time to 1985, where neon lights and rectangle Poker tables dominate the nightclub scene. Whilst gameplay is fairly easy for new players to understand, Side Bet City offers a unique take on the classic card game, featuring unconventional rules and gameplay that’s against the paytable rules, rather than the dealer.

A premium multi-camera rig is used to capture the gameplay, so you can rest assured that when you enter this 80s-themed variant, you won’t miss a single thing. Played with just one deck of 52 cards, you’ll have 15 seconds to place your bets, which can be on one or more of the four bets, including a three, five or seven-card hand and the All Lose option. Poker hand values are the same as usual, with a Royal Flush providing you with the most lucrative payout. So, will you be travelling back to the ‘80s to practice your Poker face in Side Bet City?

Lightning Baccarat

Finally, we can’t make a list of ultimate live card games and not mention a Lightning variation. Evolution Gaming has not only developed Lightning Roulette and Lightning Blackjack, but Lightning Baccarat is right at the heart of the next storm that’s brewing. That’s right, this live dealer card game is bound to be electrifying, as one to five cards from the standard deck are randomly selected to become Lightning Cards at the start of each game. Each Lightning Card has a multiplier attached, and finding any of these in your winning hand can provide you with a super-charged payout!

The game is played with standard Baccarat rules, with an eight-deck shoe and the winning hand being the one that displays the value closest to nine.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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