The Ultimate Home Office Setup for Techies

When you work from home, you need a decent office setup that serves your needs and makes you feel comfortable throughout your workday. An ergonomic desk and chair, along with some nice décor is often enough to satisfy basic needs, but when you’re a techie, it’s not always that simple. If you eat, sleep, and breathe technology, here’s how to get the ultimate office setup.

  1. Start by getting your dream machine

Whether it’s a Windows laptop, a powerful custom-built desktop computer, a tablet connected to a monitor, or a Macbook, get the device that you really want and need. You’re not going to enjoy your home office much if you’re stuck using an old computer that barely functions or one that can’t support your needs.

Saving up for a good computer is always a smart move if you’re a professional, regardless of your industry. Using a newer device comes with plenty of benefits compared to sticking with an older machine.

  • Better security. The older your device is, the more susceptible it is to a security breach caused by known vulnerabilities that can’t be patched because the application is no longer supported.
  • Access to better features. Sometimes computer manufacturers release features you can’t find anywhere else, like AI-powered tools, convertible tablets, and extra ports.
  • More power. Whether it’s a faster processor or a smoother graphics card, newer devices offer a better experience.
  • More RAM. Newer computers tend to have a larger capacity for RAM, which makes it easier to run multiple applications at once.
  • The ability to update your favorite applications. Sometimes developers make updates to software applications that are not compatible with previous operating system versions. An older machine can only carry you so far until you can no longer install OS updates. At that point, you’ll need to upgrade your device to get the latest OS updates just to use your favorite apps.

If you can’t just buy a new computer outright, it’s worth the time it takes to save up for your dream machine.

  1. Use your home office for all your tech needs

Instead of thinking about your office as just a place for work, expand it to be your tech room for everything else, including gaming online and playing physical console games. As long as you’re not taking the home office deduction on your tax return, which requires you to have a dedicated space for work, you can turn your office into an amazing tech room.

  1. Deck out your office with LED lights

LED lights create awesome aesthetics no matter where you put them in your house, but they’ll look extra cool in your office. If you have an entertainment center, for example, LED strip lights look amazing when used to light up the different cubby holes and open spaces. Cool colors, like purple, green, and blue are often the best because they can make you feel calm. However, many people use warmer colors, like red and orange for accents around the room.

The best part about LED strip lights is that you can get them in any color and they come in multiple thicknesses and a variety of styles. Some strip lights will even change colors and can be controlled with a remote. You can put them on the wall, around your desk, and even on the floor by the baseboards to fill out the light in the room.

  1. Fill the walls with décor

When you spend a lot of time in your office, you may as well decorate the walls with something you enjoy. For example, hang a meaningful flag on the wall or get a tapestry that reflects your personal style. Putting art on the wall made in the style of your favorite video game characters, television shows, or cartoons is always fun.

Don’t stare at blank, boring walls while you work in your office. Even if you only see your décor from the corner of your eye, you’ll feel amazing just being in a space that looks and feels the way you prefer.

Remake your home office for ideal comfort

If your current office is a bit bland and you don’t feel inspired, it’s time for a makeover. Start remaking your office from the ground up and turn it into a space where you want to spend more time. An aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable space will do wonders for increasing creativity, inspiration, motivation, and your ability to get things done.