The Upcoming PCI-Express Gen5 Standard Cable Is Identical To NVIDIA’s New Power Cable

The Express Gen5 12-pin power cable looks just like NVIDIA’s new power cable.

This explains why NVIDIA was so eager to push the new power cable standard for the Ampere graphics cards. Reportedly, the cable is identical to the forthcoming PCI-Express Gen5 standard cable. Both seem to utilize the Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 design.


The connector is rated up to 9A at 12V, which implies a maximum current of 648W. According to data from Igor’sLAB, the PCIe Gen5 connector (12VHPWR H+) will be up to 9.2A, which delivers up to 662W.

ASUS Thor 1000W Platinum II power supply does not have a separate modular connector with cable. Actually, it is only an adapter with two 8-pin connectors. Eteknix confirmed it and took the first photos of the cable from the power supply while working on a review.

PCIe Gen5 600W

Considering the features discussed above, we have a 675W maximum power consumption of a graphics card. It is connected to a PCIe Gen5 slot and Gen5 12-pin power connector. Moreover, a 1275W connection can be made through a pair of  Express Gen5 12-pin power cables.