The Use of Software in Photo Restoration

People capture memories through photos. Losing and damaging them may bring a lot of pain to us. Luckily, nowadays, we can easily restore and repair them through restore photo software.

So, photo restoration is a process of restoring and repairing old and damaged photos by making a digital copy of them using scanner. When all necessary repairs are done through the use of a computer software, you can now print a new copy. There is no need for a negative because you can save the digital photo file of the photo you have repaired in your computer.

Photos in Need of Restoration

What kind of photos people usually restore?

The most common photo people usually restore is a family photo. May it be a photo of a birthday celebration, wedding or a simple get together and family reunions. One’s family photo is important because they hold so much memories.

Sometimes we are push by the need to trace our family tree to dug up our old photo albums just to see stained and damaged photos.

Doing Your Own Photo Restoration

So, do you have a bunch of photos that need to be repaired and restored? No worries. Now, anyone with a computer, good quality scanner, and a restore photo software, you can now do photo restoration at the comfort of their home.

Also, through this software, you can do minor repairs to your photos by simply adjusting brightness and contrast, color, sharpness and you can remove red eye as well.

There are many more other ways on how you can restore photos and images on your own. Some of them are the following:

  • The Use of Presets

As photos lose theirclarity and contrast and naturally fade with time, to bring them back in their original state is the main objective of presets, by adding dimension and fixing exposure and tone.

  • Filters

Also, the use of filters can give more texture and tone to the photo. Thus, improving its quality.

  • Color

By concentrating more on the subtleties on the color of the image, such as the temperature and tint. You can easily bring back the color of your photo.

Tips on Photo Restoration

People can use restore old photos software simply and turn old and faded photos to a new and modern quality photograph. That’s why photo restoration is considered to be a work of wonder. Here are some tips you might want to consider before restoring a photo:

  • Knowing Which Restoration Tool to Use

Knowing and deciding on which restoration tool to use ahead of time is important to avoid further damage to the photos.

  • Scanner

The use of scanner is very critical since it will determine your restoration’s probability, and because the first step in photo restoration is scanning the original photo. You should pay close attention to the following scanner settings.

  • Resolution
  • Precision
  • File Type
  • Color vs B&W
  • Film Negatives
  • Saving the Original Scanned and the Final Digital Photo File

Performing these yourself isn’t that hard like you think.

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