There are important aspects to consider before rushing into buy a LOL account

How to Choose a LOL Account to Purchase

Whether you’re new to gaming or want to get a head start in League of Legends, buying a LOL account may be an exciting prospect but it’s a decision that needs to be approached wisely. Not every account will fit your needs and not every seller can be trusted. So, let’s dive into how to make the best purchase possible.

Not Every LOL Account Available for Purchase is Worth it

The first thing to determine is why you want to buy an account. There is a multitude of reasons why people consider buying a LOL account, such as:

  • Gain extra benefits like skins, champions, more quests between events, or increase collection of Hextech Chests.
  • Main account has been lost and you don’t want to start from scratch.
  • Not wanting to compromise your own account with chat talks.
  • Start at level 30 with all the associated perks.
  • As an experienced player, you want to try a new role and bypass the basic learning process.

By establishing your purpose for buying a LOL account, search for the right account on valid websites to narrow down the ones that have exactly what you need.

What LOL accounts are not worth purchasing?

As with buying anything online, there are always risks. It’s good to remember the rule of thumb: if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

There are several ways in which a seller can exploit the buyer leaving you no recourse to recover your money:

  • The account price is a bargain but after purchase, the seller provides the incorrect signup information or doesn’t provide it all.
  • The account is intentionally sold to multiple buyers with a valid signup and the account gets compromised and banned.
  • Someone on a shared account sells it and when too many recovery requests come through, the account is banned.

There are different variations of how people get cheated out of their money, so always research the website and seller’s username as much as you can. Websites that offer lifetime ban warranties, instant delivery, reviews and ratings, support services, and secure payment methods are good indicators to determine the credibility of the site selling accounts.

What features to look at when buying a LOL account?

The following key factors must be taken into consideration before purchasing a LOL account:

  • Account level: The higher the level, the better the account. A minimum level of 30 should be your starting point, so you can easily unlock the Ranked Mode.
  • High ELO and MMR ratings: This is a good indicator of the rank and skill level of the player, and it will allow you to play with other players with similar skill and rank.
  • Blue Essence / Riot Points: Blue Essence (also referred to as Influence Points (IP)) is a type of game currency that you can use as payment to unlock other features. This is the same concept with Riot Points that allows you to buy products from the Riot Store.
  • Champions and Items: This depends on if you want anything specific or want a high number of both.

Use these features to guide you to purchasing a good LOL account. If there are other aspects that are important such as the League (Master, Challenger, Bronze, Gold, etc.) then add this to your list of features in your selection process. You can find the best LoL accounts for a reasonable price here:

Why consider a 30 Level Account?

A lot of players find it takes too long to surpass level 20 and while it is a great shortcut by simply buying a 30 Level LOL account, there are added benefits too. Prior to hitting level 30, you won’t have access to the entire character and once you do get this access, it makes playing the game a whole lot better.

League of Legends requires a lot of investment in your time to get the experience you need to climb up the levels, get equipment, and all the perks. But from level 30, it’s easier to access the summoner spells as well as being able to play ranked games, and play in other regions.

Why is it reasonable to try an account registered in another country and server?

There are different styles of play in different regions and on different servers. Experimenting with playstyles let us compete against Europeans, Asians, or Americans for example, and enhances your experience with League of Legends. In some cases, you may find other regions easier to gain winnings because the playing style simply suits you better.


The value of a LOL account depends on various factors. Firstly, the Rank is the primary driver that determines the price, and the higher the rank, the higher price. Additionally, you can expect to pay a bit more for accounts with multiple champions, more skins, and higher Influence and Riot Points.

The server where the game is hosted also plays a part in determining the price. The EUNE (Europe Nordic and East) server is regarded as one of the top servers. For example, a game at Gold Rank with 50 Champions, 20 Skins, and on the European West server could cost between $40 – $60.

Ultimately, you want to shop around to compare accounts and prices to make sure you are getting the best value for money, and getting all the features you want from a LOL account.