Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
It is great to see Thermaltake come out with a reasonably priced case aimed at gamers, modders and enthusiasts.  As I said in the opening of this review the Level 10 and Level 10 GT are a little pricey and the Armor cases are more on the lower end.  So the Chaser MK-1 fits perfectly in the middle delivering all of the features you want at a reasonable price.

This case sure has a lot of room inside, even with all of your hardware installed.  Thermaltake has gamers in mind as the case fan support video cards up to 13-inches long and CPU coolers 180mm and under.  Besides that all of the cable routing holes make it very easy to keep the inside of your case clean, which will help airflow.

Talking about airflow you have 3 included fans.  Two of these fans are 200mm ColorShift fans and one is a normal 140mm fan.  The ColorShift fans are very cool and change different colors and even have rotating colors for a really cool look.  I like that you have the ability to change the fan LED colors or even turn the LED’s off completely.  If you would like more cooling there is room for another 200mm fan on the top and 120mm fan on the bottom of the case.  The intake, side panel. and bottom of the case have fan filters that will keep dust out of your case.  For those looking to do some water-cooling the Chaser MK-1 can fit a dual 120mm radiator.

Most of the installation is tool-less but you will need tools to install your motherboard, video card and 2.5-inch hard drives.  I really like that Thermaltake did not go completely tool-less because I am not a huge fan of tool-less systems on expansion cards.  The installation of your hard drives and optical drives could not be easier.  All of the hard drive trays come out for easy maintence and installation.

Thermaltake has all of your connections covered on the top front of the case.  It is nice to see dual USB 3.0 ports, not only that they come with an internal connector, not the external ones we have seen on so many other cases.  Also Thermaltake has included a hard drive dock on the top of the case.

After using the case for well over a week I have yet to find any issues.  You can pickup the Chaser MK-1 for $159.99 at my favorite online retailer.  Overall ThinkComputers give the Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Case a 10 out of 10 and our Recommended Award.

– Sleek and stylish design
– Great cooling
– ColorShift Fans
– Lots of room inside
– Easy installation & tool-less systems
– Hard drive dock included
– Internal USB 3.0 connector

– None that I found

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