Thermaltake Element G Mid Tower Case Review

Let’s Light It Up!

The first thing that you notice when you turn the Element G on is the lights on the fans. When you first turn on the case you may think that the fans are just one color. But press the large knob at the top of the case in and you will see that the colors of the fans change, you can even turn the lights completely off, which is nice. Also the knob controls the speed of all 3 fans.

Thermaltake Element G Mid Tower Case Thermaltake Element G Mid Tower Case

You can switch between blue, green and red colors, but also you can set it to where the colors rotate. Instead of my trying to explain this to you I went ahead and made a video for you, enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Thermaltake has done a great job learning from the Element S and making some adjustments and coming out with the Element G. First let’s start with the exterior, it is sure a lot more eye catching and feels more like a gaming case. Also they got rid of the front door so you can see the lights of the huge intake fan.

This is a gaming case so you are going to want to keep this things cool and Thermaltake knows that. That is why they have included 4 fans! Three of 4 fans can be controlled by the knob on the front of the case, which is really cool. So say you are gaming you can turn the fans all the way up and when you are just surfing the web you can turn them down. Also these three fans have LED’s in them, 3 different colors actually which also can be switched. This really separates this case from others, I don’t know many that offer colored fans like this.

This case also has more than enough storage room. Yes there is only room for 3 optical drives, but who really needs more than that. The hard drive cage holds 7 3.5-inch drives and you have room for 2 2.5-inch drives on top of the power supply panel. That is more than enough room for most systems!

There were some problems with this case, first there was no eSATA on the front of the case. Thermaltake says this is because most people when using an eSATA device use the PCI bracket instead of ports on the front of the case. This may be true but not all eSATA devices come with the PCI brackets. Also I did not like having to pop out the PCI covers, it was just an annoyance.

The Element G sells online for around $130 and Thermaltake is offering a $20 mail in rebate on the case through September 14th, which means you can get this case for right around $100, which is a great deal for all of the features that the Element G offers! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Element G Mid Tower Case a 9 out of 10 score.


– Great interior and exterior design
– 3 LED controllable fans
– Room for 7 3.5-inch hard drives
– Great cable management


– No eSATA
– Cheap PCI covers


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