Thermaltake Element Q Mini-ITX Case Review

The Element Q obviously isn’t the smallest Mini-ITX case out there. But what’s a few inches here or there, it is a small case that will fit nearly anywhere. It is big enough to make installation easy, and allow for some flow thru ventilation, which is pretty important as the power supply fan is the only cooling. But that’s the way PCs were for a couple of decades.

I find the Element Q to be a typical Thermaltake case. It is well built…sturdy, great fit and finish inside and out, the bezel is tight, and the stealth door works well. I like the design, with good ventilation, great looks, and some extra room inside. These are all things I expect from a Tt case, and I can’t remember ever being disappointed by one.

I really don’t care for “real” HTPC cases, with all of the extra gadgets with each requiring cables that just clutter up the inside of the case. As I mentioned, my TV tuner has its own remote, so I don’t need one for the case.

I guess what I like most is the simplicity of the case, both in looks and function. Two buttons, two LEDs, and that’s it. The LEDs are not bright and annoying like many.

The case comes with a 220 watt power supply. I didn’t mention, but the fan was totally silent during all operation. This should be enough for all applications, but there are some Mini-ITX LGA 775 motherboards out there. I suppose that one of these sporting a Core 2 Quad, along with a battery of big SATA drives could possibly push this PSU to its limits, though I would be more worried about heat. If so, there are several larger SFX power supplies out there. This is actually the first PSU that came with a case that I actually used.

I found nothing that I didn’t like about the case.

The Thermaltake Element Q sells for $65 at my favorite online retailer. You could definitely pay more and get less. gives the Thermaltake Element Q Mini-ITX case a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Well designed and built
– Good looks
– Plenty of interior room
– Comes with a power supply sufficient for most if not all applications

– None