Thermaltake Smart 750W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts
Mainstream power supplies are normally nothing that is going to catch your eye as far as design and over the top features and that is the case with the Smart 750W unit. It is a power supply plain and simple. Being in the mainstream segment you lose some of those top-end features like a high 80PLUS rating and modular cables and after a little research we also found that there is no Over Temperature Protection or 50C power rating. If you think about it though for mainstream users these high-end features are not all that important.

Looking at the performance of the unit it did very well. While the rails showed “ripple” the voltage regulation was under 2% for all rails and on the most important rail, the 12V rail it was under 1%. That is very good, especially for a mainstream power supply.

While you do not have modular cables on this unit the flat cable design makes it very easy to route and hide cables. You also have quite a few cables for pretty much any system size. This unit is both SLI and CrossFire ready.

What it comes down to is price and for only $78 at my favorite online retailer the Smart 750W is a great choice. It may not have some of the extras, but it does perform on par with many other higher-end units, not to mention Thermaltake backs it with a 5 year warranty. If you are looking to save some money on a power supply the Smart 750W is a great choice.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermaltake Smart 750W Power Supply a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Price
– Good voltage regulation
– 5 year warranty
– Flat cable design

– Not modular
– Lacks other higher-end features

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