BodyMedia Link Armband Review

Today we have a pretty interesting product for review. When it comes to staying healthy you can work out, eat right etc., but it would be nice to be able to track your activity to really see what those activities are doing for you. Whether is working out, going for a run or even how much sleep we are getting the BodyMedia Link Armband can track all of that for you. This way you can see how much physical activity you are doing each day, how many calories you are burning and much more. This is great for someone like me who is sitting at a computer most of the day, but really anyone could benefit from a product like this. Read on as we see what the BodyMedia Link Armband is all about.

Special thanks to BodyMedia for providing us with the Link Armband to review.

Accelerometer (3-axis)
Calibrated range is +/- 1.0g
The minimum resolution is 0.01g
Two-standard-deviation error of +/- 0.08g on all axes

Heat Flux
Calibrated range is 0.0 W/m2 to 300.0W/m2
A minimum resolution of 1.0W/m2
Two-standard-deviation error of +/- 10.0W/m2 to 30W/m2
Two-standard-deviation error of +/- 35.0% otherwise

Galvanic Skin Response
Calibrated range is 56k Ohms to 20M Ohms (50.0 nSiemens – 17.0 µSiemens)
Two-standard-deviation error of +/- 9.0 nSiemen. 50 to 255 nSiemens
Two-standard-deviation error of +/- 4.0% otherwise

Skin Temperature
Calibrated range is 20.0°C to 40.0°C
A minimum resolution of 0.05°C
Two standard deviation error of +/- 0.8°C

Thermoplastic polyurethane
304 grade stainless steel

Adjustable strap/wing assembly
Lycra (no latex content) or polyisoprene
Thermoplastic polyurethane

The BodyMedia Link comes in a nice retail box that shows you exactly what it tracks. On the back it shows you exactly how easy it is to get setup.

BodyMedia Link Armband

BodyMedia Link Armband

For a full unboxing video showing you exactly what comes with the BodyMedia Link check out our video below.