Thermaltake’s Global Website HACKED!

It came to our attention today that Thermaltake’s Global Website has been hacked. Website being hacked is nothing new, but normally the targets are larger companies or government websites, not a tech / gaming company like Thermaltake. Maybe it was an angry customer who was not satisfied at a Thermaltake product or maybe just a PR stunt by Thermaltake. We will never know, but nevertheless check out our screenshot below of the defaced Thermaltake page, or head over to their site before it is changed.

tt hacked

The defaced page gives you a prompt that says, “HACKED by alerthack to YOU…”. The page itself says the same thing a couple of places and has a large picture of a female on it. Could this be the hacker? Or a significant other other hacker? We do not know, but we wonder what Thermaltake thinks of this and if they are going to beef up security on their websites!