Thermaltake’s Smart Power Management Tracks Your PC’s Power Use & More

We of course know Thermaltake for making great power supplies. Did you know they have a cloud service that tracks and analyzes PC electricity consumption? This is their Smart Power Management (SPM) platform. The platform is free and works with any of Thermaltake’s DPS G power supplies. So why track your PC’s electricity consumption? It allows you to observe and learn your own energy consumption whereby altering your behavior to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emission together to contribute on slowing global warming. On top of that you can track how much it costs to have your PC running, total uptime, VGA monitoring, set alerts for temperature, and it even has a remote feature where you can shutdown your PC. Let’s see what the SPM platform is all about and why you should use it if you have a Thermaltake DPS G Series power supply.

The way the SPM platform tracks and saves all of your data is that it works in conjunction with the DPS G PC App. This app can be downloaded for free and it gives you real-time stats on what is going on inside your PC.


When you install the DPS G PC App it will ask you for the serial number of your power supply so you can register it and create a SPM platform account. Once your account is created and your power supply is linked to the account the DPS G App will upload data to the SPM platform every 6 hours.

The way you can view and track all of this information is either through the SPM portal or using the Thermaltake DPS G mobile app. We will go over the SPM portal first. This portal can be accessed by going to: From here just login with the credentials you used to create your account. Once logged in click on the “Me” tab at the top. Here you will be able to see details on your power supply, graphics card, and CPU over different periods of time.


Each of one these graphs can be printed or downloaded as an image. Moving over to the “Analysis” tab we can take all of this data that we are tracking and analyze it. First we can see our total time (uptime), total cost, and total kWh. You can select the dates you want to fetch this information for.

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Next we have our Eco Report which shows amount of CO2 emission you reduce, the number of trees you plant, and how much electricity you consume.


The Energy Consumption Report will show you the total time of usage, electricity cost, power usage, average watt, and average efficiency.


The Efficiency/Wattage User Behavior Report can provide a comprehensive analysis for Smart Power Supply users. With the PSU’s conversion efficiency on the y-axis and power consumption on the x-axis, the report presents a complete overview of your electricity consumption behavior. In addition, the report can recommend suitable power supply wattages for optimum efficiency.


Moving over to the “Remote” tab you have the ability to shutdown, restart, and even schedule a shutdown schedule for your PC. This is great if you ever need to power down your system remotely.


Thermaltake’s Smart Power Management platform is great. It tracks and allows you to analyze all of the information the DPS G app is logging. The biggest reason for this in Thermaltake’s eyes is to show users how much power they are using and to change their behavior to help reduce CO2 emission together to contribute on slowing global warming. If that is not your thing it just gives you all of this data to play around with. You can see how many hours you were using your PC month to month, how much it costs to run your PC, all of your wattages, and much more. The best thing about it is that it is all free and you just set it and forget it. Once you register your power supply with the DPS G App it will automatically upload the data every 6 hours, you don’t have to do anything. So if you own a Thermaltake DPS G power supply you should definitely be making use of the Smart Power Management platform!

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