Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Laptop

So you have decided to sell your laptop and upgrade to the latest model. The thing is selling your computer can be scary and especially when you have stored your personal data in it. You may have also put a lot of effort and time, syncing it with your other devices. When one comes to think of selling his/her laptop, the first thing that comes to mind is whether you have cleaned up the system. After all, no one wants to pass on his/her personal data to strangers.

If you want to sell your used laptop, you will have to make sure that it is in good working condition. Today several platforms help you to sell your machine for top dollars. The one thing they require is your machine should be in good condition if you earn a decent amount of money. Plus you need to follow the below-mentioned instructions to ensure that your confidential and sensitive information does not get passed to any stranger in this process.

1.      Back Up

The first is data backup and storing it on the cloud or external hard drive. Even if you don’t want to back up your personal data, you should at least make copies of your personal data and keep it with you. Your Cloud account can make it easy for you to get access to your data from any device. For this purpose, you can take help from a computer expert, or you can consult your computer-savvy friend to help you identify exactly which files you should back up.

2.      Make Sure to Cleanout Computer’s Hard Drive

When you come to sell laptop it is the most crucial step to take. Besides deleting all the files, cleaning out your laptop’s hard drive ensures that all your data is permanently removed from your machine, without any possibility of it being retrieved or leaving any trace of your personal information. To confirm, your data has been removed you should check it again to ensure it.

3.      Sign-Out Personal Accounts

You may overlook this step after removing your whole data, which is not good practice. You should individually sign out your accounts, including your social media accounts, Microsoft, and others. Then there is no chance that a person you are selling your laptop can sign in.

4.      Install the Operating System

Once you have formatted, you won’t have anything on it. This means you need to reinstall the operating system before you sell laptop. You will have a Windows OS disc with your laptop. You can reinstall the OS on your system through this disc. You will have to press the window sign button to activate the OS. In case you don’t have an OS disc with you, you can use the Digital River website to download a copy and install it.

5.      Clean Your Laptop

Laptop cleaning is another major thing to make it look appealing and in good condition. This will make it easier to sell your machine. After it, your machine may look as good as a new one. You can also click some photos of your laptop to post them online so you can have maximum clicks for it.

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