Think you’re cut out for doing technology

If you’re reading this then you’re cut out for doing tech. Technology is an ever changing frontier. What was top of the range technology 10 years ago can now be almost obsolete. Therefore whoever has the capacity to read and the desire to learn, like what you have displayed, makes the cut. The non-stagnant nature of technology means there are never enough experts in a particular field. As the tech progresses then the expertise required also have to change. Therefore all that is required to be player in the tech industry is access to information on tech you want to pursue. With information all over the Internet one no longer needs a university degree to be an expert.

Imagine a 24 year old, fresh from college, tech savvy casino game technician in 1993. Just before the birth of online gambling but at the height of video slots. By the time the technician was 34 years they would have had to retrain for online casino games. For online casino games, visit Another ten years later they would need training for mobile casino games. With Virtual Reality on the horizon that same technician would need training again.

This clearly demonstrates that regardless of age and level of tech advancement anyone can join the bandwagon. Not only join but also become a leading expert in the field. Research has proven that even with minimal talent you can become one of the best. But this does not come easy, to be at the very top they say you need to have spent around 10,000 hours doing the same thing. To be Tiger Woods or Serena Williams good, that is. Just to be average, you need to invest significantly less time. More so in the world of tech where if you are specific enough you really do not need learn that much.

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