ThinkComputers Podcast #298 – Year in Review with Home Gadget Geeks!

This week on the podcast we are joined by Jim Collison and Mike Wieger from Home Gadget Geeks! This is our year in review episode so we discuss our favorite review products, products that impacted us the most, the biggest tech stories, and much more from this past year!

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Co-Host: Ryan

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Purchases

  • Bob – Western Digital Red 6TB NAS Drive

Tech product that has made the biggest difference in your life in 2021?

  • Viotek SUW49DA 49-inch Super Ultrawide Curved Monitor (Bob)
  • Beyond a doubt, the additional of the Mac Mini M1 to the studio and the addition of a budget friendly AOC 34in Curved Monitor. (Jim)
  • I purchased a Treadly 2 (low profile and tech influenced treadmill) and paired it with a small form factor Windows PC and 24in Touchscreen monitor for workouts (I watch most YouTube on it). Finally got me inside, at home workout game on.
  • 2018 Subaru Outback – Eyesight on long trips is great

Biggest Tech Stories of 2021?

  • Global chip shortage
  • 5G really goes mainstream (Jim)
  • Tesla’s failure to really get Total Self Driving working (Jim)
  • The massive love and hate for CryptoCurrency (Jim)
  • NFTs – Real deal or scams? (Ryan)

Did you learn anything new this year (tech related)

  • Finally got a drone (Bob)
  • Learned and benefited from intermittent fasting using the Fastic App on my iPhone. Lost 25lbs in 2 months.
  • RetroPie – Finally set one up, easier than expected (Ryan)

Bob & Ryan’s Favorite Review Products of 2021

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