Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker Review

Usage & Testing
So I decided to attach the Tile Sport to my keys. It easily fit on to my key ring and with it attached to my keys you can get a real idea of the size.

Tile Sport

Once you have the Tile app downloaded and your Tile paired with your device it will show up on the main screen of the Tile app. If you have more than one Tile they all will appear on this screen. You can either hit the find button or click in and hit the find button to ring your Tile.

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The Tile ring is pretty loud, now I never had a first generation Tile to compare it to, but the Tile Sport can easily be heard in a large room, can be heard if it is in a jacket pocket, and can be heard from a room away. Lets say you haven’t misplaced your keys, but your phone. You can press the button on the Tile and it will ring your phone! So you actually get two awesome functions to find two things you are most likely to misplace.

If you go over to the Options tab on your Tile page you can view where your Tile was last seen on a map, share your tile with someone (this way they will be able to see its location and ring it), and you have a details page. In the details page you can change the ringtone of the Tile, change the category, send for a replacement tile and transfer the Tile to someone else.

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Tile says that the Tile Sport has a 200 foot range, while our tests were close, we lost connection with the Tile between 150 and 165 feet, that is still better than the 100 feet of the original Tile.

So say you lose or forget your keys somewhere. Yes you can look where it was last seen on the map, but if this was another Bluetooth tracker you might be out of luck if your keys were moved from that location. Don’t worry though Tile has a community aspect where every app updates the location of each Tile it detects in range. So if you happen to lose something it is likely you’ll find it pretty quickly with Tile. For example in my area (Pittsburgh, PA) there are 4,146 Tile members according to the app.

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