Tips For Landing A Good Tech Job

A growing and promising career path that happens to spark many people’s interest is, understandably, in the tech world. There are a vast variety of interesting, high paying jobs that will satisfy your need for innovation and be in the loop regarding the latest digital trends.

However, no matter how much motivation and passion you have, you can’t expect to land a great job if you have no prior experience and aren’t that familiar with the environment itself. It’s going to take some work on your part, but have confidence you can make it happen with the right attitude and perseverance. Remain patient as you seek out new opportunities and try to get your foot in the door at a reputable company.

Do Your Homework

Spend the majority of your time doing some research and figuring out what your options are and the positions that spark your interest. Never assume you know what a company or job is all about before you do your homework. There are plenty of resources out there that will inform you on the descriptions regarding particular roles and what you can expect to make on an annual basis. Also, dig deeper to figure out which specific employers may be a good fit for you because they will vary and offer different perks even though they’re all part of the tech world.


Networking and building relationships is an excellent way to learn more about various tech jobs and what they all entail. Speak with those who are already working in positions you’d like to try in the future and pick their brain about what it is they do each day, their hours and what they like about their current role. You can also find people who’ve been in the industry a long time, or who are starting out new like you and approach them with a different list of questions and inquiries. Use these relationships to not only help you learn and feel more comfortable but also as a springboard into landing potential interviews or internships.

Go Back to School

One way to help ensure you land a good tech job is to go back to school and get the necessary skills you’ll need to succeed. Don’t worry about the cost because you can always learn more about consolidating your student loan debt and not stress about how you’re going to pay it all off. Focus on picking the right programs and courses that will allow you to pursue your dream of working in the tech environment. It’ll be difficult for companies to turn you down or look the other way when you come to them having the exact background for the role you’re going after. All you’ll have to do next is sell your work ethic and personality to them.

Perfect Your Resume

You can’t patch together a resume or list of your talents and expect people to flock to you. Spend a solid amount of time perfecting your resume and making sure it includes all of your highlights and strong selling points. If you’re stuck or unsure of how to proceed, then be proactive and check out local or online resources that will guide you in writing the perfect resume. Be concise and clear about what it is you have to offer a potential employer and bring to the table that’s unique and invaluable. Read through your resume many times over when you’re done so you can confidently speak to it when you’re in an interview.

Start Applying

Your next appropriate move is to start applying for jobs that are being posted and advertised. Be picky and don’t simply apply for any position just because it’s out there. Refer back to your research findings and what it is you’re looking for in a job and employer before taking the time to submit an application. Focus and fill out the form slowly as to avoid making any silly errors or mistakes. Keep in mind you’re trying to secure a good job for the long-term, so don’t put in an application to places that don’t appear as if they’ll be able to follow through on their promises. Read reviews to help you sort through which companies are worth your time.

Prepare & Practice Interviewing

The most important part of this process and what will help you land a good tech job is to interview well. You want to come across as personable, competent and eager to learn and grow. Review what specific questions they may be asking you online and practice speaking in the mirror or in front of a friend or family member before diving into a live interview. You’ll feel a lot more confident in yourself if you properly prepare and get all your nerves out before showing up in an employer’s office. Remember that if you stumble in the actual interview to simply try to redeem yourself on the next question they ask.

Don’t Necessarily Bite at the First Opportunity

Hearing that you received a job offer and someone wants to employ you is exciting and may throw you off guard at first. However, you should let the potential employer know you’re grateful for the opportunity and want to think about it. Always sleep on these proposals and give yourself time to digest what it is they’re offering and if it’s truly a place you’d like to work. Keep in mind that the first position you’re presented may not be the right fit for you, depending on your situation. Switching jobs is also stressful, so you want to try to guarantee that this is somewhere you could see yourself working for the long-term.


Use these suggestions to your advantage, and you may soon find yourself working your dream job. Be proud of the fact that you’re willing to put in so much effort and that you care about your future. Remember that if the first job you go after doesn’t work out for you that there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to consider down the road.

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