Tips for writing a good academic essay

Many times during your academic life you will find yourself facing the challenge of writing an academic essay. A few years ago, I had some obstacles in my effort to write my essay and after a while I began to realize some of the real obstacles stem from the lack of understanding of some of the aspects below. That’s why in the following article I tell you a series of tips to write a good academic essay.

It is a literary genre that consists of writing an idea, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating a certain topic. This kind of document is used to apply in some university program. In it, the reasons for carrying out that specific program must be stated, as well as the medium and long-term objectives that are to be achieved at the professional level. In turn, it is always necessary to demonstrate why the university and the teachers of the program are an important element in their formation. According to specialists, an essay must be clear, consistent and forceful.

How should I structure the trial?

There is no preset structure, but it will depend on how each person prefers to appear. Although it is a very free literary genre, there are a number of characteristics that usually appear in every essay: thematic freedom, may include citations or references, the author chooses the order in which he develops his argument, aimed at a broad audience, are some of the main characteristics.

How long does it take to write an essay?

Writing an essay takes approximately two months, because it is necessary to make a draft, then make the corrections and finally rewrite it. Once finalized it is always positive to have it reviewed by a person who knows about the subject, as well as the rules of writing.

Tips for writing a good essay

1- Use an appropriate tone

You should always keep in mind that this is an important academic work, so it is essential to use a formal tone, as well as an appropriate vocabulary. Avoid everyday language usage and slang.

2- Present the corresponding documentation

All arguments presented in your essay must be supported by the relevant documentation. This is a distinction between essays and works of fiction. An essay, although containing the opinions of the author, needs to be based on facts that have occurred.

3- Write an eraser

It is always good to write a first draft, before writing our final paper. An essay is a text that requires a lot of order at the mental level, so it is always good to make an outline with the main ideas.

4- Organize the document in sections

Every essay is formed by three fundamental parts: introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction, the objective of the research, the subject and the organization that the document will have must be captured. The body is about the development of the points mentioned in the previous stage. Finally, in the conclusion, the ideas presented in the previous sections should be briefly reviewed and a personal view on the subject investigated should be offered.

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