Tips for You to Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

For any writing atest that you are about to undertake, the type of speech you use it has nothing to do with what you write when you are writing a letter to your friend. The formal, business and academic writing are very different from the informal writing.

A few tips are being shared in this article for helping you improve your writing skills to get agood score on your upcoming exams or tests.

Stop Using Contractions

Do not ever use contractions for academic essay writing. Contractions are the short forms of words like have not, has not, would not, etc. It is important to keep in mind that they must be used in their full form rather than their short-contracted forms, such as, haven’t, hasn’t, won’t, etc.

Improve Your Writing

To improve your writing, you must stop avoiding a few practices that you normally do in your writing.

Avoid the use of there is/there are

It should be avoided because, when you write you must be clear and concise, this means that long sentences must be avoided. Keep them to the point. By avoiding there are/there is, your sentences become short and to the point.

Avoid the use of Really, Very, A lot, so

These types of words weaken your writing piece. They are not very strong words. You can sue a better word for it. It sounds more formal and better.

Avoid use of passive voice

If you are in sciences, then it is okay to use thepassivevoice, but do not overuse it. However, if you are studying humanities, social sciences, history, psychology, etc., never use the passive voice. Use the active voice.

Passive voice makes the sentence a little weak and awkward. It would be much better to write the sentence in active voice. So, if you can, then use subject, then the verb and lastly the object to make your sentence look better. In academic writing, we need strongsentences where the actor is at the start of the sentence. So, practice this rule to make your writing strong.

Use Strong Verbs

You can use a noun in its verbal sense, rather than using it in its noun form with a weak verb attached to it. For example: ‘He assisted my friend’ would rather be written as ‘He assisted my friend.’ Here the assistance is used in its verbal form in the second sentence that immediately makes the sentence stronger than the first one.

Here, you get the three tips that can quickly improve your academic writing. If you practice some of these tips, it will improve your writing skills many folds.

There are many other options available, such as, essay writer for hire, online essay writing services, etc. that can help you in improving your writing skills.  However, these tips are very basic ones that can eliminate some very commonly made mistakes from your writing text.

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