Tipster says Apple Silicon MacBook will have a brand new ARM-based chipset, not A-Series

Apple recently revealed that it will be moving over to its own brand of chipsets, named Apple Silicon. Based on ARM, these chips are expected to be as powerful as Apple’s iPhone and iPad chips, a.k.a. the A-Series. Now, a tipster claims that Apple’s chips for Macs will be a new series entirely.

The leak comes from a tipster named Jiorīku, who is claiming that the first ARM-based Apple MacBook will have a new chipset in it, which will not be a part of the A-Series. The chip might carry the same internals, slightly changed, but it will apparently feature a new name. This does give room for Apple to play around with the chip size and other factors.

The chips are likely to be made with a 5nm process too. We have heard other rumours about the new MacBook, including the return of Butterfly key switches, and a possible $799 price tag. The first Apple Silicon MacBook will be revealed by the end of 2020, so we have some wait ahead of us before we can know for sure.

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Via Wccftech

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