Top 10 Best Jobs in the Video Game Industry to Consider

Delving into a career path you enjoy can be one of the most fulfilling things one can embark on. You don’t just get to earn money for something you love but your input and commitment to your work are always at peak levels.

The gaming industry is estimated to make a revenue of $230 million by 2022, so it’s only natural that students and young adults look into the industry to start a career. Most of these demographic have had experience with video games from childhood and it isn’t farfetched to imagine their quest for a job that lets them indulge in creating tools that were responsible for some of their pleasant childhood memories.

Before rushing to have a professional resume writing service like CraftResumes prepare a resume for your career in the gaming industry, here’s a list of the top 10 jobs you should consider.

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1.                  Video Game Designer

This is the team behind the lifelike movement you see in a character, just like that exhibited with the character Kratos in the God of War franchise, or the movement of soccer players in the FIFA soccer franchise.

These designers are responsible for interpreting the ideas of the artist into a reality, though a reality bounded in the game’s realm. They are the problem-solvers and require a degree in computer science, design, development, or any related field.

2.                  Game Producer

Not everyone working in the gaming industry has to be a science guy, the producer is one of such individuals. This bunch is responsible for the paperwork, planning, and marketing of titles. They ensure everything goes smoothly with little or no hiccups. Also, they take home as much cash if not more as the heavy hitters in the industry.

Just as online academic aids assist Canadian students who ask the question “Where can I find support with my assignment in Canada?”, so does a game producer provide the support for creative and marketing success in the world of gaming.

3.                  Video Game Writer

Start a career in the world of video games as a narrative copywriter. It’s a similar role to that played by a screenwriter in movies. You come up with the narrative aspects for a title, creating its storylines and sometimes tutorials and descriptions. Such writers hold a key position in the success of a franchise, as the narrative contents help give depth to the gameplay and hold the attention of players.

These writers have to create characters with distinct and consistent behaviors. They also have to ensure that all narrative plots are consistent with both the time and location a franchise depicts. To get a boost with recruiting firms, it’s ideal to have at least a degree in fields that equip you with acute narrating skills. Some of these fields include creative writing, copywriting, interactive writing, and more.

Game writers earn quite a penny, with them cashing in about $60,000 to $90,000 on average. Though this figure can get as high as $200,000 depending on your title’s success.

4.                  Game Artist

For students who have a passion for drawing, being a game artist is often the real deal. There was a time I was obsessed with the Mortal Kombat franchise. It inspired me to want to make a fighting universe of my own, and that’s what I did though in the form of a comic book.

I had lots of soccer comic books and used their characters as templates for characters in my comic. I redrew pictures of the soccer characters performing acrobatics at different points in the comic, and it translated into my characters fighting with one another. Looking back, if I were to take on a career path in the gaming industry, then being a game artist would have to be it.

These artists are responsible for the visuals of a title. They come up with character sketches and the in-game scenery. A degree in game design, animation, art, or any related field improves your chances of success at being an artist.

5.                  Game Tester

When people hear the words game Tester, the thought of someone who gets to play different titles before anyone else pops up in their heads. Yes, this is somewhat true, but it only scratches the surface of the role of a tester.

This is the worker responsible for finding faults, bugs, and limitations in a game. They have to spend hours at a stretch on a single level or an area, after which they document their findings. Though testers often don’t play to win, it’s great to be among the first set of people to play a title before its public release.

6.                  Professional Gamer

The rise in the popularity of video streaming platforms and gaming competitions makes being a professional gamer one of the most lucrative jobs out there. Many successful individuals in this group have gone on to join another elite group, the group of world millionaires.

The requirement needed for success is either being extremely good at games or being entertaining while playing one. There are actually a lot of video game education benefits.

7.                  Game Programmer

Do you have a knack for coding and gaming enthusiasts? Then game programming is the right gig for you. After the preliminary stages are completed and the designers have established what they are aiming for, it’s up to you to interpret this information to the computer. You are responsible for in-game interactions ranging from AI to character control.

In demanding titles such as the God of War franchise, multiple programmers have to come up with thousands of lines in computer codes. They often hold degrees in computer science, software programming, etc.

8.                  Audio Programmer

These are the behind the scenes individuals responsible for the sound effects, voices, and musical notes we’ve come to love in our favorite games. Sound often defines the experience of a title. We get nostalgic when we hear the soundtracks for the retro Sonic and Super Mario franchise, or more recently, those of acclaimed titles Halo and the Pro Evolution Soccer.

9.                  Game Reviewer

This is individuals who take it upon themselves to review games. They provide players with information on titles they plan on purchasing, highlighting its pros and con. This way a player can access if a game is worth purchasing beforehand.

10.             Translators

Most times, games are released in multiple regions that speak different languages. Or there’s a scene where a character speaks in a different language. Translators come into play in such scenarios as they offer voice-overs and subtitles.

Translators also lend their art in the production of manuals, walkthroughs, promotional materials, etc.

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Final Thoughts

The gaming industry is a growing multi-billion dollar industry with lots of job opportunities. The industry has skyrocketed owing to the popularity of smartphone games. For those considering a career in the industry, you need to identify the qualities of a good resume, especially if it’s your first and employ this knowledge in tailoring one. A great resume is the first step in landing an interview for your dream job.

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