Top 10 Disaster Recovery Service Companies

Disaster recovery is a business IT support service that helps to regain access and functionality of the IT system. The disasters may be a cyberattack, loss of functionality, loss of data, or a natural disaster. A disaster recovery service is a cloud computing business IT support service that allows business firms to back up their data and IT infrastructure functionality in a third-party cloud computing environment.

Many large and small business IT Consulting services are present in the market that provide disaster recovery services for organizations. For example, All Safe IT provides backup support for its customers in case of data loss.

Following are the top 10 Disaster Recovery Service Companies:

  • All Safe IT:

AllSafe IT is a Los Angeles-based firm that provides small business IT services, IT management, support, and IT consulting by their experienced and talented teams. Business IT support services are designed to increase productivity, efficiency and enhance communication. Cloud storage, managed IT functions, disaster recovery, network cabling, cybersecurity programs, ransomware recovery, security awareness testing, penetration testing, and application development are some important services provided by All-Safe IT. All these services can be availed at affordable rates and act as disaster recovery services.

  • Zerto:

Zerto offers a 14-days free trial for its users. It provides strong automation facilities and multiple integrations. An important disaster recovery service is transferring assets and workloads between private, public, and hybrid clouds.

  • Carbonite:

Carbonite also offers free trail facilities and is easy to use because there is no need for separate installation of software. Carbonite offers a center for easy management along with custom backup policies. Carbonite provides backup options for multiple items, protection of OS, files, settings, network, and system in a single attempt.

  • Veritas:

Like carbonite, Veritas also offers free trials. Veritas provides a single integrated solution for disaster recovery of organizations. The functions of centralized policy-based management of Veritas make it unique. It protects virtual, physical, and cloud workloads. As a result, productivity and efficiency are increased.

  • Arcserve:

Arcserve offers 100% recovery with push-button recovery and data encryption tools. It provides speedy backups and reliable data protection. Arcserve does not charge for maintenance of hardware and IT resources. An important feature of Arcserve is that it supports RTOS/RPOS for IT management and functionality.

  • Datto:

Like Arcserve Datto also provide speedy recovery of any kind of data loss and provides 24/7 customer support. Datto offers security for data compliance and regulatory needs, Granular exports and restores, SaaS data protection, disaster recovery appliances, managed networking products, and reliable backups.

  • Veeam:

Veeam offers free trials, managed IT support, fast, virtualized, and reliable data applications. It also offers an O365 online exchange program. Virtual data recovery from a disaster of any size can be possible through Veeam. It also provides duplicate backup facilities along with the target appliances.

  • Acronis:

Acronis headquarters are located in Switzerland. Acronis offers free trials like other companies and provides data protection in any environment. Acronis is best for large-scale business firms because of its huge data recovery services. The recovery time is very less and the speed of disaster recovery is excellent. It is also ideal for a mid-sized organization that has a unique interface that facilitates its installation, configuration, and utilization. It provides a notary cloud, file cloud, disaster recovery cloud, and backup cloud for the business organization.

  • Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is best in replicating the IT environment of the organizations based on various policies. Headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, and United States. The core services of Microsoft Azure are site recovery service and backup service. It safeguards the firms during high workloads by protecting for physical services i.e. VMware and Hyper-V.

  • Century link:

Century Link provides unified backup support and storage as a business IT support service. It provides resource diversity, Flexible storage, and backup services. It has a highly responsive support service for disaster recovery. It deals with disaster recovery of firms of all sizes. The disaster recovery is resilient and reliable with hybrid cloud and IT strategies. High security, IT consulting, customer support, unified communications, and networking are some other services provided by century link.

Business IT services help to reduce costs, labor, and time consumption of the tasks. Experts can look after the IT services of the which also improves efficiency. Business IT support services allow the business personnel to link with the world. Thus, employing IT services can result in increased efficiency and productivity also by decreasing costs, and time.