Top 10 Spy Apps for Android & iPhone without Touching 2021

Finding the best phone monitoring application that works for both Android and iPhone devices sounds like a lot of work. It is because most applications provide services for either one of these platforms. However, we did some more research and found the 10 best hidden spy apps for android and iPhone.

The best part is that you do not need to touch the targeted phone to use these services. On top of that, there is no root or jailbreak involved in using these applications.

Thus, you do not need to worry about your privacy anymore.


Safespy is one of the most effective platforms to spy on someone’s smartphone remotely. The application is designed to provide maximum access to the smartphone without letting the person know. It has some advanced features that justify the popularity of this application.

Using this application is easy and anyone can follow its installation guide to connect a mobile phone with an online account. Although there are two different processes for Android and iPhone smartphones, you won’t face any problem connecting them.

Just choose the operating system of the device you want to target and follow the instructions to complete it.

Therefore, we can say that Safespy is the perfect choice for this task.


The next app on our list is Minspy. It is a great application when it comes to phone monitoring. It is secure and very easy to use. Minspy has a large number of advanced features that can be used to see specific details of any device.

Minspy can show you details like location, call logs, apps data, and much more about the device you’ve targeted. A lot of people put their trust in this app and they’re grateful that they did.


Here is another cool application to spy on someone’s smartphone. Spyine is an app with advanced technology that can easily track modern smartphones. You can see their critical data on your smartphone with ease.

However, it is rather complicated to understand these types of apps, but Spyine has a simple easy-to-understand layout. So you’re gonna get used to it in no time.


Keep an eye on your kids 24/7 with this great app. Spyic is designed for parents to help them know what their ids are up to even when they are at work. It is so suitable for them as this app has parental control.

However, you can use this app to fulfill your needs. It works perfectly to spy on any device. The process and technology are pretty much the same in this app just like any other phone monitoring application.


Here is another amazing phone monitoring app. Just like Spyic, FoneMonitor is a parental control application for parents. But on top of that, you can rather use it to track your employees.

As it can track multiple devices at once, you can install the setup on as many devices as you can and monitor them on your phone. Use its advanced features and make them come in handy for you.


If you are looking for a quick solution and don’t want to waste so much time, then this app is for you. Let us introduce one of the fastest apps in the phone monitoring market. Neatspy is an advanced app to monitor any device you like but registering the targeted device a lot quicker than any other app.

Finding out what you need to know will be a piece of cake. All the data like media, apps, location, call logs and much more of the targeted device will be right in front of you.


TeenSafe is an app to protect your kids. Parents found it pretty useful as it allows them to keep an eye on their kids no matter where they are. It claims your 100% safety. Parents believe in this app that their and their kid’s data won’t be exposed.

So you can trust this app too. You can spy on any smartphone you like for whatever reason. You’ll be hidden all the time. So I need to worry about getting exposed.


Spyzie is used by millions of people from all over the globe. Those people are employers as well as parents. It allows them to track important activities on their screens that are essential to know for them.

Just like the above applications, it requires you to connect the device by creating a free account on its website. After that, you can use it to track the activities of that smartphone whenever you want.


Using Spyier can help you track someone’s smartphone within 2-3 minutes. The application is easily accessible by any web browser and works with almost every smartphone. If you want to connect someone’s smartphone with its server, you can do it without even touching the smartphone.

To do this, you need to create an account and verify the device through the provided guidelines. Once the verification is complete, you can access the complete data of that smartphone with a single click.


Here is the last but surely not the least application in this list of phone tracking applications. ClickFree is known for its quick phone tracking solutions to its customers. You can always trust its features to help you get some quick access to the smartphone.

The best about this application is its success ratio that is more than most of the phone tracking applications that you have ever come across.

So, check out its website and find out if this application has the features that you are looking for.

Final Words

If you already know about phone tracking applications, you would be aware of how difficult it is to find the right application these days. That is why we took out some time and reviewed the 10 most popular applications that work for all the major operating systems.

All you need to do is check out their features and go with the one that suits you the most. Safespy and Minspy are the editor’s choice from this list as they are the most complete application you will ever come across.