Top 7 Tips For Nailing Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes

The endgame content of Destiny 2 is where hardcore players can test their skills and have real fun. Such an opportunity is presented to them in the form of PvE activity Grandmaster Nightfalls, where your team should counter strong enemies to obtain the top-notch loot.

Since these strikes are considered the most demanding in a game, there are few formal and informal requirements you should meet to complete them on a high note. One of them is a condition to be at least 1345 light lvl, which is not easy, but hey – you wanted a challenge, remember? Other requirements are not that strict and even can be called tips on how to finish GN more efficiently. And in this guide, we’re going to share them with you.

How to Become The Best at Grandmaster Nightfalls?

Of course, if you’re only entering the world of GN strikes, you can start from the easiest Grandmaster Nightfall, which is Inverted Spire (as most players claim), and master your skills there. But when you decide to try other strikes, it’d be better to be prepared.

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Choose subclass for your Guardian wisely

Yes, this rule is essential as the right choice may drastically increase your chances to succeed. So, if you’re playing as Warlock, the great pick for GN would be the Dawnblade. In case you’re a Hunter, pay attention to the Nightstalker and the Revenant. And finally, to all Titans out there – try Sentinel for this activity and enjoy an exciting experience.

Don’t hesitate to use special ammo mods

The thing about several GN is that they might not have enough drops, making you count every shot. How to change that situation? Try to equip your Guardian with special ammo finder mods, which increase chances of ammunition respawn. Moreover, you may even use a special Finisher mod that generates additional ammo for finishing off enemies.

Act and Focus as a Team

To succeed in Grandmaster Nightfall, your fireteam needs to operate resources and time wisely. One of the best ways to do so is by focusing all members on killing one champion at a time. When everyone is doing their own thing and not working with others, there’s a possibility that you’d get all killed and fail the strike. But when you, for instance, designate someone who will fight champions and then give a signal for others to focus on a particular enemy and eliminate them, you save time and get to the winning point more efficiently.

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Pick the Best Weapons for the Occasion

As you know, every D2 activity has its own meta. For example, there’s a list of Destiny 2 top PvP weapons that are excellent for such challenges, and PvE modes are no exception. If we’re talking about Grandmaster Nightfalls, there are tons of Unstoppable, Overload, and Barrier champions and other foes, who are vulnerable to particular guns, and you must use it to your advantage. For instance, it would be a great idea to have Arc, Void, and Solar weapons with mods corresponding to champion types in your arsenal like Eriana’s Vow or the Divinity.

Don’t Forget about Adds

Yes, these fellas can become a real headache during your time in Grandmaster Nightfall Destiny 2, so you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. For this purpose, it’d be wise to designate someone whose primary goal is to clear them out while others. And to help them with that, they should pick the needed guns like Witherhoard and Ticuu’s Divination.

Make Sure your Armor is Ready for a Battle

Success in strikes partly depends on how well prepared your equipment is. The right armor can save you from extreme damage and increase your chance to get out of GN alive. So, your great pick will be elemental resistance mods as well as Concussive Dampener or Protective Light. In that case, even when your additional protection, like the shield, is gone, you still will get minor damage than you could without such mods. Don’t underestimate the power of good armor.

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Well, these are general tips that might help you finish the strikes efficiently and get access to the neat Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall rewards. But there’s still one more option that you may use that will drastically help you – Destiny 2 carry service, to which we dedicate our next topic.

Secret Weapon Up Your Sleeve

Frankly, exploring the game and its challenges is a superb feeling, but when it becomes too tedious and grinding, you might feel annoyed and disappointed. Especially, you may face it while repeatedly completing the same strikes or tasks to receive a nice loot. Consequently, it will lead to wasting an enormous amount of time and undermining health, which doesn’t sound like a nice perspective, right?

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