Top-8 secret tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera

Galaxy Note 5 packs lots of cool features and a super powerful camera is one of them!

In this post, we are going to share some secrets of using Note 5 camera!

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1. Double tap on Home for quick launch

If you need to start the camera quickly in order to capture a unique moment or save some space for a shortcut on the main screen for something else – simply tap on a Home button twice!

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2. Use the Pro mode

Press “Mode” and select Pro to work with focus and exposure control. The Pro mode will allow you to customize your camera settings according to the lighting conditions and even save photos in a raw file format, as well as provide more control over the process of photographing.

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3. Apply the settings to shoot 4K video

To use the 4K video settings, start the camera, select “Settings”, “Video” and press FHD.

Switching to 4K will not allow you to shoot using the HDR function, and you will not be able to add video effects or take pictures during video shooting – but it’s a fair price to pay for shooting in 4000-pixel resolution horizontally!

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4. Video Collage

With Galaxy Note 5, you can record 4 or 6-second videos and combine them into a video collage.

Both main and front cameras are perfectly able to do this. To create a collage, you will need a small piece of music for the background besides your camera – and a video for Facebook or Instagram is ready!

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5. Create GIFs

To do this, just take a couple of pictures, open the “Photo Editor” and use the functions in it to create a GIF!

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6. Try Slow Mo

Start the camera, press “Mode” and activate the slow mo. Unlike Apple, you can quickly edit the video and adjust the speed to your taste!

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7. Time intervals

Fast Motion mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 allows you to shoot video of certain length and, similar to Slow Mo, it is easy to edit it.

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8. Large-scale selfies

Note 5 is equipped with a front camera with a function that allows you to make wide-angle photographs. Start the camera application, press “Mode”, and “Large-scale selfies”.

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